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the one with wedding attire

dress c/0 . non maternity dress . necklace via . lipcolor . heels . similar clutch Guys, a few weeks ago, one of my friends asked me to be their wing man at a wedding. How a married, obviously pregnant woman would work as a wing man I haven’t figured out yet. I also wasn’t able to go, but it did make me realize . …

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the one with 13 weeks baby #2

How far along? 13 weeks today, baby is the size of a peach or lemon! Maternity clothes? still in my normal clothes, but it’s getting close for pants. My belly is expanding quicker this time around Sleep: Mostly good. I brought out the maternity pillow early this time around. Best moment: hearing the heartbeat at the dr. …

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the one with UncommonGoods

This post was sponsored by UncommonGoods. All opinions are my own. This year I’ve noticed a shift among my friends and family when it comes to gift giving. Everyone is wanting to give better, more thoughtful gifts purchased from stand up companies. So with Christmas just days away, I wanted to tell you about one …

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