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capsule wardrobe #9

There is only 1 more week left in my capsule wardrobe. It’s gone by really quickly you guys. There are several shirts that have not been worn . . . and will not be worn next week. I did – hopefully you’re excited to find out – make the decision to do a winter capsule …

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capsule wardrobe #8

So much to say, so little time . . . let’s just get to it with capsule wardrobe #8 look 1 look 2 look 3 look 4 Weather update :: We’re staying pretty steady between 25-65 degrees – on any given day at any given time. But there’s no snow and just light rain. Let’s …

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Capsule Wardrobe #7

Am I the only one that feels like this year went at a decent pace? Everyone else I hear says it flew by and I gotta tell ya . . . I don’t feel that way. Here we are at my favorite month counting down the days to my favorite holiday –  it was a good …

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Capsule Wardrobe #5

We’re only 5 weeks into this capsule wardrobe and I am seriously thinking that I will end up with some shirts that I won’t wear. Since I only end up with 4 outfits a week #werkingirl 37 items might be too much. BUT I’m not ready to give any up yet . . . Here’s …

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Capsule Wardrobe week 4

Capsule Wardrobe week 4 – which was actually over Halloween . . . The week consisted of a Halloween party, trick or treating at the mall with the niece and nephew, lounging around on Saturday, and lots of cooking. Somehow I wore black, white, grey the whole week. no seriously . . . check it out . . . favorite …

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Capsule Wardrobe #3

Week 3 of the capsule wardrobe is over and done. This week I think I stepped my game up. outfit 1:: skirt – old navy top – target jean jacket – very old booties – amazon outfit2:: tunic – amazon leggings -Target booties – jewelry – forever 21 outfit 3:: dress – Target kimono …

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