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Jack William at 2 years

Jack William is 2 years old!!

Height: 36 inches

Weight: 35 lbs

Basics: My little dude is a good sleeper. Every night we pick up our toys and chill downstairs for about 30 minutes before going upstairs at 8 to change into comfy clothes and read some books with Daddy. Then he turns his noise on and goes to bed in his big boy bed. He has a pillow and a comforter now. It warms my heart to say he cuddles his pillow like mama does instead of putting his head on it. <3 Sometimes if he hasn’t totally chilled out, he’ll come to our room after about 10 minutes. But we put him right back in his bed after some hugs and kisses. He’s asleep between 830/9. If it’s an early morning he’ll be up at 630, but usually it’s about 730/8.

He’s a snacker. Jack eats about 5 small meals a day honestly. I wouldn’t say he’s picky, but he’s apprehensive about new things. I don’t feel like he gets enough vegetables so I’m always looking for places to hide them, and I keep trying to get him to eat raw veggies. His pediatrician says he gets too much dairy, ha! so we’ve decided to cut back a little on drinking milk. He LOVES yogurt, and then with cheese on his lunch sandwiches he gets enough there. She says this is ok, and it saves me some $$. He’s snobby about his milk so I’ve had to buy local, expensive kind. But other than milk and getting him to eat vegetables, he’s a good eater and very healthy.

Fun Stuff: 

Our biggest update is school! He goes to school Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-1, and LOVES it. The first week drop offs were rough, but now he’s all in. Pick up is the best for mama! He comes running out the door to me yelling ‘mommy!!’. Daddy is still his favorite and my mom, his mamaw is his favorite person so twice a week he prefers me! I’ll take it.

School has really helped his speech. He probably says close to 75ish words, and says small sentences like “can I get that?” I did it!” etc. And he’s trying to talk more and more everyday. My favorites are cookie … cooookie, flower ….. flaw wer, purple . . . puw pwle, and pink . . . . minek!

He loves to play outside, he loves to help clean especially with his toy dyson, he loves to play soccer and throw balls into the air. He LOVES to watch movies so much so that he actually sits still most of it. We’ve had to say only 1 a day. and recently he’s finally taken to reading. He loves to read, and thinks that he can do it himself. He also recently started coloring a lot.

We’ve also started in on some screen time with him. He gets to watch you tube videos or play kiddo games on my phone for a little bit each day. Mostly he watches you tube videos that teach him his colors and numbers and animals. In about 3 weeks of doing that he’s learned all his colors so I don’t feel too guilty about it to be honest.

He’s a good big brother, but very recently has started to resent sharing things with friends and with bubba. He’s also started throwing temper tantrums. So we’re working through that. We’ve joined a new church so there’s lots of new friends around that he’s not used. His best friend was born 5 days before him so they had a whole birthday weekend dedicated to the two of them. So I think he’s just a little confused and frustrated. No sharing last week, but now we have to and we have to with new friends!?!?

Jack is such a good boy. He tests us everyday with his attitude and adventures, but he has a big heart and sweet temperament. I’m so glad I’m his mama.


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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    Nothing wrong with many small meals during the day over large meals, little Jack is so damn adorable. My daughter Kathy-Lee would get out of bed half a dozen times or more at night before settling down for the night

    September 28, 2018 at 10:00 pm
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