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Benjamin Homer at 6 months

a whole half year of Benjamin Homer. Here’s his 6 months update
Height: 26inches

Weight: 18 lbs 

Basics: His sleep regression is still going pretty strong. He wakes up at 11 and 3 almost on the dot every night. At least it’s consistent, and it’s easy to get him to go back to sleep. With Jack, he was dependent on eating at night pretty much until he weened from breast feeding. I can tell a difference with Ben. Sometimes he’s about the eating, but mostly he just wakes up for some reason and wants to soothed. I’m a firm believer in teaching them to self soothe. So we’re working on that.

Eating is going so well for the little dude. I make our own purees and am starting to leave some chunkies in there. He nurses every 4 hours starting at 7am and ending at 8pm. And he alternates real food every 4 hours. So every 2 hours he has 4/5 ounces of milk or 4/5 ounces of food. In the mornings it’s usually some fruit with some oatmeal, lunch is a green veggie with a little fruit, and dinner is half any veggie and half fruit. He loves food. He loves to eat. We’ve tried TONS of food, and he’s loved it all. The only thing he sort of acted like he wasn’t interested in was black beans, but I think that was a not ready for the texture kinda thing.

Fun Stuff: Benjamin is so much fun. He is so easy going. Lately he’s been talking and smiling much more often which makes mommy’s heart burst. He’s definitely a mama’s boy too to add to that <3 Ben is so close to crawling. Now that I’ve typed this he’ll probably start crawling today, that’s how close we are. He loves his bouncy chair and can stand up while he’s supported in it. He can sit up on his own pretty much. Teething is a bear, thank God for teething necklaces and copaiba oil. Our very favorite things are chewing on anything and everything especially our hands, crinkly noises like the wipes container, and rolling, rolling rolling.

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    Is he crawling yet?
    This made me think of my sister Sue who didn’t walk till she was 15 months old mum took her to the doctor who said she was just lazy

    September 26, 2018 at 5:08 pm
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