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Benjamin Homer at 4 months

Here Benjamin is with his homie at 4 months.

Height: 25″ 50%

 Head: 75% – not as big as big brothers

Weight: 14.5 lbs – 40%

Basics: Right before 4 months came, He had his first bad week of sleep. Pretty much since birth he’s slept a minimum of 9 hours straight at night. But he’s always struggled with naps. Once we got naps basically down, he started waking up about once a night sometimes twice. A lot of new things have happened and developed for him so that’s all affecting it I’m sure. The past couple days seem like we’re on our way back. He’s still an eating champ, no struggles, just not as much as his big brother ate. The doctor says we should introduce solids soon! I’m just waiting for him to sit up on his own a little better. We’re going to more baby led weaning this time. More of just giving him what we eat in mashed form, rather than making our own baby food.

Fun Stuff: He’s rolling back to tummy, and hates it. He hates tummy time just like his older brother. He’s teething like crazy, that’s no fun. He’s starting to interact with Jack, that’s lots of fun. Giggles are hard to get still, but he’s smiling a lot more. I’m starting to realize what other moms mean when they say they didn’t worry as much about their second child. Honestly, I can’t think of everything that he’s doing that’s new. I see it, acknowledge it, and move on. I think it’s a mix of not having enough time in the day to spread between both boys, and also just realizing with Jack I don’t have to worry about Ben hitting his milestones. He’ll do it when he wants no matter how hard I push!

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    Yes my second daughter didn’t like tummy time either, some babies love it others not so much

    August 7, 2018 at 9:08 pm
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