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Jack William at 22 months

Height:  He’s 3 feet tall

Head: so big 

Weight:30 ish lbs

Basics: Jack at 22 months is crazy fun and crazy exhausting as always. He’s such a finicky eater. He’s not really picky, he just doesn’t want to eat. At least he eats a good breakfast is what I tell myself. eggs, waffle, yogurt, fruit. Then he literally snacks the rest of the day – and not like crazy just an apple sauce here, granola there, another yogurt, a fruit and veggie smoothie. I try to give him lunch in the middle and he won’t eat it. He usually eats about half of what I set out for him for dinner which is just whatever we’re having. But he’s happy and the doctor says healthy so  . . . whatever i guess.

The only thing wrong with sleep is I wish he could learn that some days we sleep in. He goes down easy and wakes up easy. We had to do a little sleep training with him . . . or i guess more room training. He was sleeping fine, but when I was pregnant I couldn’t get him out of his crib. So to a toddler bed he went at exactly 1 years old – very early. And we struggled since then with various things – not staying in bed, fighting sleep, getting up super early, waking up in the middle of the night. Mostly it was fighting sleep and not staying in his bed.

We, controversially I know, would lock his door after putting him down. He’d get a bath, a book, some rocking time with one of us, and then we’d put him down while he was awake and lock his door. The first few days he cried so we’d console him and put him right back down until he gave up trying to get out of his room. Not because he was scared, because he wanted to play. Then once he was asleep we’d unlock it so he could get out if something happened. It literally took 5 days. We still lay him down wide awake and he puts himself to sleep and doesn’t come out of his room until 630 the next morning. We don’t lock the door anymore. He’s such a good big boy.

Fun Stuff: Thank god for a big, fenced backyard with locks on the gates. Dude would be outside by himself all day every day. We don’t let that happen of course, but he’d be OK with it. BALLS are his favorite toy by far especially when outside and he can do whatever he wants with them. trucks and blocks are a far away second and third

He also loves to watch movies and has started actually sitting still for almost a whole one! Screen time limits here we come! Nothing has captured his attention like Trolls did last fall, but he pays more attention now. He’s also playing games on our phones now – like at restaurants and such.

He has unfortunately taken an interest in bugs. He sees one and he must inspect it. cue two spider bites and one bee sting right in the eye brow, frantic calls to the doctor, lots of benadryl and nesporin, and the yard being treated for bugs.

We have a set of brothers in the local high school who cut our yard . . .COOLEST THING EVER FOR JACK STARK!

The zoo is his favorite adventure out of the house, but he is finally big enough to roam the indoor/outdoor parks and splash pads by himself so those are moving up the list.

He loves water as long as it’s not in his face and he’s not required to float in it. We’ve also started soccer, he loved it at first. And he mostly still does, but he’s throwing little tantrums now. I’m a bit torn on it. Is it just him being two and wanting to do what he wants and not listen . . . or is he trying to communicate he doesn’t want to do soccer anymore!?!? or am I being a weirdo for thinking the second is even an option!?!? I want to have him in one physical activity a season and options are limited in our area until he’s 3 so I was hoping for more soccer.

Little brother might be taking over Daddy as his favorite person ever. although Mamaw is a very close second, and mommy is still who we need when we’re tired or upset. I’ll take it.

And the big news is we start preschool in two weeks! WHAT!?!?! Just a two days a week mommy’s day out/preschool type of thing for 4 hours a day. Mostly for him to learn to take authority from someone other than me and to socialize more often. He struggles a little with those things probably because 10 months of his life I was practically on bed rest. So here we go . . .

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