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the one with 5 weird packing tips

Everybody knows to roll your clothes to make more space and prevent wrinkles. And if you’re bring kiddos along put an entire days worht of clothes of diapers in gallon size baggies. But there are some things I learned in the past 3 years of traveling from Florida quite often that I’ve been meaning to share. With a trip to NYC last week, I finally got around to writing it all out. So here’s 5 weird packing tips for you to use this summer . . .

  1. use a glasses case to keep important things in – like your phone charger, camera cord, a baggie with your vitamins

2. put a binder clip over your razor to preserve and protect. pretty self explanatory, right?

3. take a tote bag to put dirty laundry in – it keeps your organized and helps keep it completely separated from clean clothes

4. put your shoes sole to heel on top of your clothes to keep things balanced – my suitcase always used to tip and be hard to drag around. then i figured this out and we’re all good now!

5. wrap your shoes in plastic bags or shower caps to keep your clothes from getting dirty – duh!

Do you have any weird packing tips? Share them below, and look for my NYC recap soon!


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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    Good tips indeed, I have a laundry bag for dirty clothes and shoes do go on the bottom in the middle of the bag

    June 6, 2018 at 5:10 pm
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