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the one with Jack at 20 months

Height:  34in

Head: so big 

Weight: 28ish lbs

Basics: Jack at 20 months is crazy fun and crazy exhausting. He is full of energy so he gets hungrier than ever! He was getting picky and the vegetables were always a struggle. But I decided once I got my energy back that I wasn’t giving in anymore. So I put it on his plate and see what happens. I do hide them and mix them in with certain things, but he usually eats them no matter how I offer. The only struggle we still have is with just raw uncooked veggies. And I’m cool with it. I’ll offer it when I have it, but I’m no longer worried. And other than veggies he doesn’t argue. He eats if he’s hungry and he doesn’t if he’s not. If he doesn’t eat, but then acts hungry I know it’s because he doesn’t like something now as opposed to he’s being finicky.

Sleep however is still frustrating. Once he is asleep he sleeps well and long enough, but getting him to go to sleep on his own feels like it will never happen. He was so good at it until we moved until this house honestly. I don’t know what changed, and I feel like we’ve tried everything. Now that we have Ben around naps are rough. Because he won’t go to bed without being rocked completely to sleep by me. And night time is the same. For a week there he was waking up at 530 every morning after going to bed at 930 and then not napping. But he’s sleeping later now at least. It’s just getting to sleep we’re working on.

Fun Stuff: His new favorite things are being outside, and his little brother. He is always outside if he can be. We have a big fenced yard, a water table, a basketball goal his size, and a slide his size. It’s the best thing ever out there and he loves, loves, loves it. We also have a great deck with a big shade so I Can sit out there and watch him or nurse Ben from the kitchen table and still see him.Things are so much better during the day. He starts school in the fall so hopefully once winter is here he’ll still wear himself out and won’t get bored.

He is a great big brother. He’s only 19 months so ya know as much as he can be he is. Gentle is the word I say the most during the day. If we’re inside, he wants to play with Bubba. If I’m nursing, he comes up and pats his head. When I’m nursing in public and covered, he’ll put his head under the cover. I have no dignity anymore. I’ll get it back eventually. It’s fun when he does try to play with him. He’s obvious he’s trying to teach him things and talk to him. For example, we have a playmat with a piano for Ben to kick and Jack touches the keys with his hand and says ‘Bubba’. It’s like he’s saying ‘look bubba just push this!’

He also had his first major boo boo this month. I feel the need to document it for some reason. Scott was grilling on the deck, Jack was playing outside, Ben and I were in the kitchen with the window and door open so I could help watch Jackwhile getting the rest of dinner ready. We both looked away at the same time for 10 seconds. Jack ran over to Daddy and touched the grill. He got a blister from it. Somehow we all survived.

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    Oh what a bloody awesome post he is growing so fast

    May 30, 2018 at 5:51 pm
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