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Ben is almost 1 month old! Life has never been as intense and as busy as it is right now. But I think he’s worth it! There isn’t too much going on in our life right now. Mama is healing and Ben is getting used to life on the outside so most days are spent at home just chillin’. Of course, there have been some exciting things happening. So I thought I’d give you guys an update on life at the Stark house!

1. The good stuff first – Ben is doing great! He as a baby is pretty similar to Jack as a baby! He prefers being held more often, but wearing him actually makes lots of things easier. Benjen is about 50% fed from the boob and 50% bottle fed (pumped boob). I like it because it gives me more control over how much he gets, and helps him sleep longer. And of course, let’s be honest – mama sleeping 7-8 hours is better for everyone.

2. My Jack Jack is doing very well with his little bro! He loves him so much, he calls him bubba, and looks great with his new faux hawk.

3. Mama is doing well, too! I’m making myself take it easier for a longer period of time this go round. One thing I forgot about postpartum is, it gets worse before it gets better. But once I got past that 10 mark things have been great. I feel completely normal, but I’m trying to make myself take it easy still until my follow up appointment with the doctor.

4. We got a new mini van! I always thought I’d be an suv mom. But you guys, the cup holders! The trunk space! SLIDING DOORS! I CAN’TTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Sales!! Now that I feel like myself again . . . and also now that I’m not preggers anymore . . . I’ve been doing lots of shopping! So here’s some sales going on and some things I’m buying there . . .

Loft is having $25 off pants and jeans so I’m gonna try these bad boys!

Shopbop is having a big spring sale! I’m gonna start with these shoes and this clutch

navy is 20% off on line – and you can spend any super cash you have! I’m picking up this for the boys and this dress

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    Thank you for a wonderful update, I did feel happy reading this

    April 10, 2018 at 10:05 pm
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