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the one with Jack at 18 months

I feel like this is the age where people without kids wonder why we keep saying their age by month. And I get it. Please know in real life I say he’s a year and a half and I will continue until I can honestly say he’s almost two. But he still changes daily at this age, and I like to keep up. Once he’s two these will stop and I’ll just do little snapshots every now and then, but for now here’s Jack at 18 months.

Height:  34″

 Head: big

Weight: 28lbs

Basics: It’s like it all went down hill in the past month honestly. He just stopped sleeping and eating. Literally one day a switch just went off and for 2 weeks or longer he fought bedtime and naps. He was getting about 7 hours a day and would not fall asleep unless we held him. If he woke up and we weren’t there he came running to our room. One night about 10 days ago, I just laid him down. We had a talk about how he was a big boy and needed to figure it out. Mama couldn’t baby him anymore (even though she wants to). He cried a little the first couple days when we walked out of the room. We shut the door instead of cracking it. 5 minutes later he’d be asleep we’d crack the door. And now we’re back to normal.

I think it’s teething related  – especially since about this time he stopped eating, his attitude is just fine during the day, but also because his gums are so swollen. No teeth have popped up, though. I can tell two are about to when I feel around in there. We’re also going to the doctor the day before this posts for his check up so hopefully that gives us some info.

Fun Stuff: He loves to run. He goes down the stairs by himself. We’re working on walking and holding hands instead of being carried everywhere. He helps pick up and clean up his toys and his trash. He is obsessed with vacuums, and has his own very loud one. Puzzles are his new favorite toy. He’s even showing more of an interest in play with his friends instead of just not near them. He’s been a bit of an introvert up until recently. My favorite thing is he’s starting to show his opinion on foods, movies, what he likes to do. It’s like I get to see who he really is now.

The two biggest things are swim lessons and he’s a big brother now. He LOVES swim lessons. We were apprehensive at the beginning of course because he is his fathers child. But he lives for Tuesdays after 4 weeks. He’s the biggest kid in his class – blame moving across the country for our latish start – and I think he knows it. He always shows off when his teacher has them paddle around the collect balls for her. I can’t wait to put him in soccer this summer and see how he does 🙂 and we’re starting to look into 2 year old school for the fall. I love it that he’s a big boy now 🙂

As far as being a big brother, well, it’s been less than a week so let’s chat about this next month.



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