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the one about 38 weeks with baby number two

How far along? 38 weeks with baby number two

Maternity clothes? I mostly just wear leggings and tank tops and flip flops. But when I have to look nice I do have two dresses that still fit and are comfortable.

Sleep: It got pretty bad right after my last update. Jack going through sleep regression certainly helped. I started drinking some raspberry tea right before bed and Jack is doing better so it’s better. I sleep for about 3 hours, pee, 3 hours, pee, and then hope Jack gives me at least 2 more hours. 

Best moment: I had a day to myself! My mom watched Jack. I got my hair and nails done, then walked a couple stores by myself. I didn’t have to share my donut! And then I missed my boy so I went home and we had dinner together 🙂

Miss Anything?: a drank. just a couple more weeks!

Movement: yes. It actually slowed down pretty drastically. Scared me enough to tell the doctor, but she’s not worried. 

Food cravings: I have no appetite most of the time. But when I do decide I want something I can only think of that.

Anything making you queasy or sick: coffee and red meat.

Gender: Benjamin Stark … the middle name will probably be a bedside decision

Symptoms: A month ago I didn’t expect to be updating you at 38 weeks to be honest. If you’ll remember, Ben was a big boy sitting right on my cervix, I had incredibly bad sciatic nerve pain, two uti’s, I got the flu twice, I was losing weight, I was getting headaches and nauseated everyday. The doctors told me at 32 weeks we’d discuss induction at 37 weeks unless things got better. I told my mommy and me friends that I basically felt like she was telling me for sure I’d be induced at 37 weeks. Things might get better to make it ok to wait, but with his size that probably meant c section.

The doctor and I both are convinced my blood pressure is going to start rising because of everything going on. It’s just my history. But both of the last two weeks we’ve discovered everything is fine. No more uti’s, no proteins, no flu in 3 weeks, blood pressure is literally perfect 120/80. However, I feel like crap. I’m still getting headaches and nauseated almost everyday. I’m uncomfortable and hot 90% of the time. And I get contractions pretty regularly, but not enough to go to the hospital. Bending over literally takes my breath away and with a toddler I bend over ALOT.

So today actually, we go in to check it all again and see if my cervix is favorable. Please pray it is so we can meet our boy soon 🙂

Belly Button in or out? in, and not coming out 

Wedding rings on or off? on and comfortable

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to? giving birth and holding my boy

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    Getting close now

    March 6, 2018 at 4:44 pm
  • Reply SUMI

    Julie! Thank you for your wonderful update. I am pregnant now as well (26 weeks with my second boy, but this is technically my third pregnancy since I had a miscarriage as well ❤️) Your feelings and experiences resonate with me SO MUCH! From not knowing if I should call this little one Baby #2 or #3, from trying not to get too excited at first but being so excited as the weeks progress, to being much more nauseated and fatigued this pregnancy than the last, to waking 4+ times a night to pee, to being a bottomless pit around the same time you were, and to showing sooner and gaining weight more quickly this time around (I was also up 20 pounds at week 23!). Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences! You have made me feel totally normal and understood! And your positive attitude is so uplifting and encouraging. I hope you will continue to share as much as you feel comfortable as the weeks progress so we can continue to share in this exciting journey with you 🙂 customer essay

    March 9, 2018 at 9:52 pm
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