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the one with Jack at 16 months

Jack William at 16 months . . .

Height:  32 inches – he has definitely gotten taller, but this is the last official measurement.

Head: 17.5 inches

Weight: 25 lbs

Basics: My boy is a eating and sleeping champ. . . unless he’s teething. Then he will only eat yogurt, bread, and applesauce. He will also fight sleep, real hard. Once he’s asleep he’s good. But getting him there is rough. If he’s not teething, then it’s no problem. He sleeps when I lay him down, asks for ‘nigh nigh’ if he’s tired, and eats whatever I put in front of him unless it’s something he doesn’t like. He doesn’t like vegetables. So he’s a kid. We’re working on getting him better at it.

Fun Stuff: Christmas was the best. He really had no idea what was going on, but he did get it that we were having fun. Santa brought him blocks which he loves. He has become quite the conversationalist in the past month. He just chats and jabbers and chats and jabbers all. day. long. None of it is words, but he thinks he’s having a conversation with you. I try to act like he, of course, is speaking words. Which encourages him, but also since I’m trying to guess what he would be saying and what he needs he has learned a few more words. Like ‘what’s this?’ ‘dat!’ ‘apple’

He’s also running and wants someone to be playing with him over playing by himself. He also unfortunately has become very clingy to Scott and I. He’s usually pretty independent and will stay with/go to anyone we tell him it’s ok for – like grandparents and the church nursery. But lately, those aren’t even good enough. With some pregnancy issues I haven’t been picking him up or getting on the floor to play and he’s noticing my bigger belly. I worry that because of that he knows something is big is on the horizon so he’s clinging to us. We shall see!

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