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For the past few years, I’ve focused on a word of the year instead of goals. This year I am doing a word of the year, which I’ll tell you about next week. But there are specific goals I have in mind as well. So today for accountabilities sake and so we can share/relate to each other here are mine . . .

    1. Read 1 book a week – Sometimes I worry that I’m not well spoken. With a degree in English that can be embarrassing. I think it’s mostly that I know what to say I’m just in the habit of saying it wrong. Like me and him when it should be he and I kinda thing. A professor once told me that reading books will change the way you speak. Also, I just want to read more.
    2. Do BBG after Ben is born and continue working out regularly – I make excuses that I just don’t have the personality to work out hard unless someone makes me. Or I’m always gonna be a big girl because of boobs, family, etc. But this year that changes for many reasons mostly because I want to be healthy for my boys. It’s hard to carry Jack up the stairs. What am I gonna do with two!? What if we have a third!? And I want a breast reduction, which insurance won’t pay for until I drop some weight.
    3. become active in a church/daily devotional/complete coloring bible – Finding a church in Florida when we were so far from our families was the most life-changing experience my husband and I have ever been through. to say something so dramatic about something so normal sounds ridiculous I’m sure, but it’s true. We have changed since we last lived in Indiana so going to the church we went to before just doesn’t fit,  and we’ve struggled the 5 months we’ve been here to find a real home church. So in January that search picks up.
    4. financial goals set with hubs  – Now that we’re finally in the place we want to be we have very specific financial goals which we’ve discussed and written together.  Once we reach these goals we’ll, of course, have more, but we’ll also be at a place we’ve dreamed of being at since we got married. We made several financial sacrifices the past two years to save money, have a baby, I be a stay at home mom, and be able to move across states when needed. This next year we’re sort of looking at our last year of sacrifices – replace what we used in savings for our house/moving, pay off some lingering debt, and a few other things.
    5. Anger management/mental health  –  I’ve always struggled with how I handle myself when I’m angry. I see red and I yell a lot. I don’t want to be that kind of mother. Please don’t read into this that I yell at my 15-month-old son or get angry at him all the time. But he has certainly seen me in ways I don’t want him to. Then I beat myself up over it. All because of those 30 seconds he saw me angry. I also suffered from a self-diagnosed postpartum stress disorder. The doctors never diagnosed me with PPD, but something wasn’t right. I’m not exactly sure how this all plays out yet. All I know right now is my mental health is definitely going to take a front seat this year.
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