motherhood, the boys

the one with Jack at 15 months

Height:  32 inches

Head: 17.5 inches

Weight: 24 lbs

Basics: I miss breastfeeding. I feel like he wouldn’t have gotten sick so much this fall if we had breastfed longer than 11 months. He’s only gotten sick twice so it’s not like we’re just sitting here unhealthy all the time. I’m also sure that he weaned because I was pregnant and my milk changed. So thinking about it too long causes mom guilt. He’s a normal, healthy boy per his doctors. I just miss it. He’s back to eating like normal except veggies which we always fight on, but I sneak them in. He’s not a big lunch eater which is strange because I usually am. He has a big breakfast, snacks a lot, and a normal dinner.

Jack sleeps like a champ. He even knows the days to sleep in past 630. Most days I get a 2.5-hour nap right before lunchtime. Thank you essential oils and noise machine. We’re thinking about switching to his toddler bed before little brother gets here since he can walk to get us now.

Fun Stuff: He was actually sick on Thanksgiving so he just got a little turkey and some rolls. But he seemed to love leftover sweet potato casserole. He is my child, and that’s my favorite. We’re excited about Christmas this year. Both for the food since it’s a lot more of Thanksgiving type food in our families, and because of presents! He has such a big personality and is really getting into his toys. So I think he’s just gonna love Christmas morning. We get to have all day Christmas just the three of us, and I’m going to savor this day so much! Christmas pj’s, warm, easy to cook foods, lots of sweets, and time with my boys.

Jack hated Santa, but we discovered he loves trains! We took the Polar Express to see Santa, and the train was by far the best part. So we’ve seen as many Christmas trains as possible since then, and he’s in love. Train table for Christmas . . . yup!

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