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the one with our new master bedroom

The real story behind these pictures is I finally got our comforter back from the dry cleaners so I made the bed for the first time in many months. Then I thought . . . being perfectly clean isn’t gonna happen for awhile  . . . let’s take pictures! I should probably act like this is always how it looks, and I took them specifically for this post. But we all know that’s not being honest. Who makes their bed everyday!?! Those people are few. Plus I like to keep it real around here. I do want to show you guys our new house so it worked out!

My favorite part is definitely my dresser. I feel like a little old lady with all her knick knacks, which is a life goal to eventually be that lady. My second favorite part is our new headboard and rug which are perfect and amazing and perfect and amazing.

I love our bedroom, and had zero things I wanted to do in here until I saw these pictures. Now I feel like the tv wall needs something extra. What do ya’ll think!?

Also, If you want to know where anything is from just ask. Most of it is antiques, Target, or Amazon (rug and headboard which I LOVE and are perfect!)

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