the one with Jack at 13 months.

I know some people think once a baby is 1 year you just say he’s 1 year. But there is so much change¬†happening every month still. Plus he’s still my only kid so I’m gonna do this for another and then I’ll just say he’s 2 and leave it at that . . . But I did change up the way we take his pics ūüôā

Height:  30 inches 

Head: 47.5 inches

Weight: 22 lbs

Nicknames: Dumplin, jackster, jack jack, sweet pea

Sleeping: Sleep is still going really well. There have been some cold nights so we added a warmer blanket. I freaked out a little to be honest. He’s does not like sleep sacks, and has just been sleeping in pj’s, socks, and had a breathable blanket with him. So having a blanket that could harm him was very worrisome for me. He’s a big boy. He knows how to pull them down and we’ve taken all the safety precautions. And my bestie Rachel talked me through it, and we’re doing well so far.

Feeding:¬†Stlll really great! He never liked whole milk so we introduced 2% and he loved it. But then he got pretty sick, and our doctor said to back off. But other than that he still eats all the time, and will eat anything you put in front of him. If he doesn’t like he just puts it on the floor. So helpful.

Fun Stuff:¬† We’re standing and balancing all on our own! And we’re walking with the help of mama and dada’s hands. He can’t quite get from sitting to standing, but once he does he’ll be walking. He LOVES to watch movies and listen to music. Trolls is his favorite. He’s interacting with his toys more and trying to communicate back to them. He’s also trying to communicate more with people. I’ve always used sign language type things to get him to tell me what he wants. But never really pushed him to use them as well, but he’s starting to now. He’s also mimicking us when speaking. Like I’ll say do you want to get down and he’ll go daaa. I’ll say ‘do you want yogurt’ and he’ll go “yaaa¬† baat” And he’s working on his s’s. He loves to dance and read and still hates cuddling.

Jack was also officially sick for the first time. He had strep throat, fever, and upset tummies. Which is why we stopped the 2% milk. He barely noticed I think. The sore throat and diaper rash was all he noticed. Our hopeful last glaucoma appointment is next month.

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