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5 Halloween recipes to try

I love festive foods. Especially foods I make a lot, but with a little change can get everyone excited about the holidays. Now that I have a little boy who eats real food and another on on the way who will by this time next year (whhhaaaaaaa!?!?!?) So here’s 5 festive foods I want to try this year . . .

puking pumpkin dessert I’ve seen tons of puking pumpkin desserts over the years. But none have made as much sense to me. I love this marshmallow fluff dip so that’s probably why.

caramel apple slices Every year about this time I get a craving for caramel apples. But they seem so hard to make. These make it seem doable.

chicken boo-dle soup How fun!? This is already on the list to make this weekend actually!

sugar skull fruit pizza This is the prettiest food I’ve ever seen. Now to find a party to take this to.

pretzel and cheese broomsticks  Jack gets a snack of cheese sticks almost everyday, and I think it might be time to try some pretzels 🙂

the one with the wild one

This past weekend we had Jack Jack’s first birthday party! We had just a ‘small’ family cookout at the house. I wanted to keep it simple with so much going on in our lives lately. Since the weather’s still nice we put burgers and dogs on the grill, made broccoli salad, macaroni and cheese, and our families brought a few more sides. Jack loves macaroni and cheese so it was perfect for him! That specific day was also my parents 50th wedding anniversary so our dessert was a cake to celebrate that. I made Jack his very own smash cake! I wasn’t sure how he’d handle it. He doesn’t get sugar often, and any cake he’s ever had has been sharing with someone else. We gave him a brownie on his actual birthday and he was very apprehensive. He eventually got into tho.

I also wanted to go simple with the decorations. First birthday are really more for us than the kids, right!? We had a slight where the wild things are theme so I made a little king of wild things sign for his cake and high chair. Some balloons behind him finished us off! Our outfits served as the rest of the decorations! They’re from the etsy shop ollie and penny. I have tons of pictures, but they’re all blurry. bummer. Everyone signed a copy of his wild things book for him and left memories and wishes for him to look at later in life! And he got lots and lots of presents!

Happy Birthday my sweet goofy boy! Mama loves you the most.

the one about Jack at 12 months

Height:  30 inches 50th% We’ve had ‘issues’ with his measurements since birth. For example he grew 3 inches in his first week of life – per the measurements, can’t be real. This is the first time we feel like it’s actually accurate. 

Head: 47.5 inches 90th %

Weight: 21.9 60th%

Nicknames: Dumplin, jackster, jack jack, sweet pea

Sleeping: It’s going so well. We have a great bedtime routine, and he sleeps right on through the night. We’re down to one nap a day, but some days he still takes two. He’s very good at showing when he’s tired and getting me for bed. This was a long time coming and I’m so glad it came while I’m preggo. Sleep is already hit or miss when you’re preggo. Occasionally he wakes up in the middle of the night, but either of us can rock him to sleep. And when I say occasionally, I mean like maybe once every 10 days or so.

Feeding: Little man completely self weaned from breastfeeding at about 11.5 months. 3 months ago I thought weaning was going to be really tough. He was really dependant on breastfeeding for food and for soothing. He’s always been independent, he wouldn’t eat more food during the day, and I don’t like the cry it out method so I wasn’t sure where to start to wean. Then all of a sudden he did it on his own. I talked a lot about it last month if you want the details. At eleven months he just wasn’t nursing before bed. He mostly just suckled a little and then wanted to giggle and laugh. So I just stopped one night, cold turkey. aaannnd he’s perfectly fine.

Last week I shared what he eats in a day. A lot. Basically anything you put in front of him, and he drinks lots and lots of water.

Fun Stuff:  He gabs and makes noises all day long. He says night night, bye bye, hey, mama, dada, bub, and down (sort of). Standing and cruising is his favorite thing. He will stand anywhere and if he can walk somewhere while not letting go he will. He’s still a little unsteady when he’s not holding onto something so it’ll be a few more weeks before we’re walking probably. He loves having a new big (at least to him it’s big) house to be the king of. He goes everywhere and plays with everything. baby proofing was the first thing on our list 🙂 But we had to leave a few cabinets open so he can bang the pots and pans and pull out all the dishtowels. Typical Florida boy loves to be outside.

He waves bye bye, blows kisses but only to mama (we’re working on it), gives fives and asks for them, blows raspberries, and sticks out his tongue at everyone. Jack loves listening to music and the louder it goes, the louder he sings (which is just yelling). In Florida all of our friends were mostly younger than him or considerably older. Here most of his friends are his age so we’re spending more time with them and he’s learning to share and get enjoyment from other kids. I’m very excited about it.

Cloth diapers are still going well. He’s a big boy, but he’s tall and skinny so they still fit easily. It’s made pooping better actually, all we do is just let it flop off! We do about 50/50 cloth to disposable right now, but now that we’re settled I’m hoping to do more cloth again. Still one more appointment to check on his glaucoma, but his eyes aren’t cloudy and he focuses really well so I’m hopeful.

the one with Jack’s food

Feeding Jack real food was rough at the beginning. I learned a lot on this journey. Now that we’re on the other side I wanted to share what he eats in a day. It’s hard to be sure the kiddos eat healthy and are full. I get a lot from other moms sharing so maybe someone will get something from our routine. One warning . . . all the moms of older kids say Jack eats a lot.


We try to eat quick and healthy breakfasts in this house. Because we want to be healthy, but mama is not a morning person. So Jack eats some sort of fruit, dairy, and grain most days. His favorite fruits are blueberries, oranges, peaches, strawberries, and bananas. I keep them all in the house and he eats whichever ones I give him. Never any arguments about fruit. I rotate a few things. One day he’ll have greek yogurt mixed with fruit and a few cheerios, the next day he’ll have homemade yogurt bites with peanut butter toast and fruit. Some days – very rarely – I give him some eggs and cheese. He won’t eat hard boiled eggs or I’d give him one every day.


I try to keep lunches easy and quick as well so our schedule can be flexible during the day. It keeps us from eating out or ordering in too much. Because if i order in, he wants my food so we both order in. I try to give him some sort of protein and lots of veggies.  The thing we still struggle with as far as food is getting him to eat veggies. Imagine that a child that won’t eat veggies. So rolling a few carrot sticks and a pepper up with turkey and cheese tricks him into eating it about three times a week. We also eat tyson’s 100& white meat chicken nuggets a couple times a week. I serve those with carrots and cinnamon, broccoli and cheese, sweet potatoes, zucchini – veggies that he’ll eat. Trader Joe’s and Gerber organic veggie chips in the salsa flavor are also a big hit.



I read somewhere that he should be having 2 servings of dairy, 4 servings of veggies, 2 servings of fruit, and 2 servings of grains every day. So for a snack he gets whatever we’re missing for that day. It’s usually veggies let’s be honest. I have to trick him into eating them so veggie packs from plums organics helps a lot. Mixing them in with cheese sticks and fruit helps.


For dinner, he eats what we eat. We eat meatloaf, spaghetti, rotisserie chicken, shrimp, chicken taco’s, chilli, and similar things all on a regular basis. He eats like a champ. No complaints and mixing whole veggies in with chilli, taco’s, meatloaf gets him to eat them.  With most of those we have 1 veggie on the side as well, and I give Jack a little fruit for dessert.  There are a few times we’re eating stuff he can’t (like sushi)  so I keep a few things on hand for those days. Turkey dogs, leftover rotisserie chicken, maybe some mac n cheese if he hasn’t had any in a few days. It’s his favorite 🙂


just water and whole milk 🙂 if we’re out sometimes I’ll get him apple juice but he doesn’t seem to like it.

I plan to start sharing more of these on instagram so check those out if you’re interested! And share your ideas as well!!

Friday favorites 9.15.17

As I get back into the real world from the first trimester haze, I’m spending more time on the internet and finding lots of fun things to share. So let’s get to it . . .

Last year it felt like everyone was wearing duck boots. But in Florida there was no need for boots that warm. BUT NOW! Now I need some. I’ve got these boots on the way. I’m so excited! 

There’s a local group of sweet girls who are taking donations for their cheer program! If you have $2 to spare head over and donate! If 1/3 of my instagram followers donated $2 the goal would be finished!!

My mom made a hexagon blanket for Jack before he was born. So I’m going to have her make one for the new baby as well. This fabric is the one!! I’ve got big plans for the nursery as you saw last week! This will go perfectly.

It’s a goal of mine to always have fun Saturday breakfast with my boys. This recipe sounds delicious!

and a picture of my boys just because 🙂



the one with 13 weeks baby #2

How far along? 13 weeks today, baby is the size of a peach or lemon!

Maternity clothes? still in my normal clothes, but it’s getting close for pants. My belly is expanding quicker this time around

Sleep: Mostly good. I brought out the maternity pillow early this time around.

Best moment: hearing the heartbeat at the dr. last week

Miss Anything?: Life is a bit stressful right now with a new house, so being able to have a drank would be real nice.

Movement: none yet

Food cravings: I want chinese food and oreos erry day. all day. I’m hungry basically all the time.

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope.

Gender: we know, but we have to tell our families first!

Symptoms: This pregnancy has been so rough. I never threw up, but I have bouts of nausea every day since 7 weeks. I’m exhausted by bed time. From week 7-10 I was so tired I just didn’t do anything except take care of Jack. I have sinus headaches about every other day. My hips hurt, the skin on my belly feels like it’s pulling, my ankles are swelling, and all the gross stuff. 

Belly Button in or out? in, and i doubt it comes out

Wedding rings on or off? on and comfortable.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I was INCREDIBLY moody from week 6-10. It came quickly and unexpected, and  I don’t think Scott expected it which made it worse. He knows this. AFter about 2 rough weeks, I finally realized it might be the pregnancy hormones and things got better. But I still felt moody I was just aware of it and took 10 seconds to breath before freaking out. I’m mellowing out the past couple weeks, and I know getting into our house and feeling settled will help tremendously.

We’re officially moving this week, and Scott is out of town. So this week is going to be stressful. But once it’s over we’ll be in a really great place. Moving is when we get into our biggest arguments even though we both trust each other to handle it perfectly. So him being gone is actually kind of a good thing! haha! I feel like it’s something great I get to do for him! He has two weekends of painting and doing small fun projects, but doesn’t have to lift anything or do the terrible stuff! And I have all 4 grandparents and all the aunts and uncles here to help with Jack. It makes up for all the moodiness to come

Looking forward to?  Jack’s birthday and the house being done! feeling the baby kick soon 🙂

the one with a big surprise

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve been MIA again. You probably just assumed it was because of the cross country move I talked about in July. And a lot of it was! But there was one other big reason . . .

Yes, This baby is a big surprise. 8 weeks after JAck I had a mirena put in. Mostly because I didn’t want to worry about that time of the month or remembering to take the pill anymore. But I hated it. So at the beginning of June I had it taken out. Turns out it was in too low! I had a period immediately after, and immediately after that started back on the pill. That was June 20thish. Fast Forward 1 month, I realized I was starting a new month of pills . . . . and hadn’t had a period. I was in complete denial for a week. Pretty much refused to take a test, and just kept packing our house in Florida. There was no way I was pregnant! I was probably just irregular because of the iud.

Remember during all of this we’re in the middle of a cross country move with a 9 month old. So my mind was a rather stressful place. Finally on July 16th still nothing happening, Scott convinced me to take a pregnancy test. He made a good point that if I was pregnant I couldn’t lift things during our move – which was happening 3 days later. I was also INCREDIBLY emotional at church service that morning. I still thought there was no chance. It was our last service and I love our Florida church so it all still made sense to me. So after lunch with friends we drove to Target got 3 tests, and went straight home to take one.

Just like with Jack, I could watch the moisture move down the strip and as soon as it hit the spot to show the line a line appeared! I cried, Scott was happy and apprehensive, Jack went to sleep. We watched a movie, had dinner, got some ice cream, packed some more, and I took another test. Same thing. The next morning I took another, and the same thing. It was an awkward week of trying to be sure I got plenty of water and healthy food . . . and not lifting anything as we moved across the country without movers. I was also on sensory overload because of the pregnancy, and incredibly sad to be leaving Florida especially since one of my best friends there is pregnant, and another just had a baby in April.

Moving and not be able to tell anyone showed us we weren’t going to be able to hide this one especially since we were living with my parents for 2 months. My sister and nephew who moved with us totally figured it out! I’m not one to let go of control or not help and pull my weight. So with me avoiding things and letting Scott control the move they knew something was up. My nephew also noticed the poor way I handled the sensory overload, ha! So our families found out at 8 weeks!

We got Jack a shirt that said big brother, and one weekend we went to lunch, dinner, and lunch and dinner the next day to be sure everyone knew. We tried to just wait and see when they would notice his shirt, but our sisters in law were the only two who noticed! haha! we ended up having to point it out to everyone else. Everyone is of course ecstatic! And everyone hopes for a girl! I finally get what people mean when they say they just want a healthy baby. Like of course you do, but you’ll be a little disappointed if it’s not one or the other, right!?!  I’ve always dreamed of having a girl, and a I’d like to not ever be pregnant again to be honest. But if it’s a boy I’ll be just as happy. We find out next week!

Just as my life evolves, this blog goes with it. This has never been something I’ve made a career out of. To be honest I tried when we first moved to Florida. But it never took off enough, and to be even more honest, my heart was never in it that much. I don’t want this place to be somewhere that I have to think about what goes up, and if I’m hurting my income. I just want to share my life and find others to build friendships with. So with this pregnancy the blog is going to change. I’m going to share a lot more of our lives, a lot more mom stuff. I’ll still put up fashion stuff, just not as much. Other than that we’ll just have to see what changes come.

5 pieces 1 outfit: athleisure

Hey friends! 5 pieces 1 outfit is a twice monthly series where we feature 5 pieces that bring together 1 perfect outfit. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, and or pieces to create a fashionable look that anyone can create. 5 pieces is all you need to make another outfit killer. First, I find it’s best to have a theme so you have a place to build from. That can be a color combo or maybe even an event. But most of all you just need a good base piece. This week’s theme is athleisure as we prepare for fall!

pants . top . cardigan . shoes . cap