the one with Jack’s 11 months update

He’s 11 months old! One more month and I’ll have a toddler.

Height:  32 inches

Head: 19 inches

Weight: 21 lbs

Nicknames: Dumplin, jackster, jack jack, sweet pea

Sleeping and Feeding: All of a sudden, he started to self wean from breastfeeding. We had already knocked out the 3 pm feeding in July. He pretty obviously wasn’t interested in the 11 o’clock anymore. So that only left before breakfast, before bed, and overnight. Because of some personal things happening I decided to go ahead and see how he did if we knocked out one more. The easiest to do was before breakfast. He’s eating solids so well, I knew if we just went straight to real food soon after waking up he’d be fine. I was right!

That led to him becoming an eating machine. He eats real food so, so well. I’m going to do a post soon on a whole day of his food so you can see. Just a snapshot, he eats two scrambled eggs, a piece of toasts, 1/2 cup of fruit, and some yogurt between 6am to 10am. The best part is that eating so much more during the day means he knocked out the overnight feeding all on his own. Knock on all the wood so this keeps up! I said I would make it a year so I’m going to keep nursing him before bed until he’s a year old, and then we’ll wean him from that. It’s going to be rough – for me and him.

Fun Stuff:  He talks all the time. He says bye, bye and waves appropriately – he says dada all the time, and mama when he wants something ha – and he says hey when you say hey! He’s starting to make animal sounds with his toys. He points and can tell me what he needs. Being in Indiana he has tons of built in friends that he gets to see a lot. In Florida he had lots of friends, but none were his age except Miss Lucy. It’s fun to see him play with kids his age, and his cousins. He’s losing weight, but the doctor isn’t worried because he has lots more room to move around. Crawling so so fast and he’s pulling himself up to his knees and standing all the time. So lots more movement and lots more space!

He’s still handling the move really well. It’s like he doesn’t even notice what happened. He did get a little fussier and clingier and there were a couple rough nights sleep. But we can track those to other things as well as or instead of the move. We move into our new house and final stop soon. But he’ll be with grandma while the move happens, and my first priority is unpacking his stuff so he might not notice that one either! Let’s hope.

One more glaucoma appointment to be in the clear!

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