the one about Florida

the one about Florida

This Summer it’s all about the 5 pieces 1 outfit in real life. 5 pieces 1 outfit is the first series here on the blog every other Friday. It stemmed from my love of classic yet modern, easy to wear, chic and simple fashion. This Summer will be one of the busiest ever for me, and I live in Florida so it’s gonna be hot. I don’t want to have a lot on, and getting ready can’t take a lot of time. It’s the perfect time to do a ton of 5 pieces 1 outfit real life posts! I have a formula when I do these in real life – top, bottom, shoes, earrings, finisher. My finisher depends on what I’m doing and it also means I might actually photograph 6 or more pieces, but I’ll explain each outfit so you’ll understand why.

I’m from Indiana, but we live in Florida. It truly feels like home so when I saw this shirt I had to snatch it up. That’s all because we have such wonderful friends. I knew we’d need to find a church to find friends down here so we jumped in as soon as we felt ready. Guys, they are my family now. I love this little church and this little beach town of mine more than I thought was possible 2.5 years ago. Indiana was my home for 29 years and my family is there. But now I have 2 homes.

hat . shorts . earrings . sandals . shirt


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