the one with Jack’s 10 month update

Height: 31 inches

Head: 19 inches

Weight: 21lbs

Nicknames: Dumplin, jackster, jack jack, sweet pea

Sleep: We went on vacation at the end of June, and he started sleeping through the night. He wasn’t napping like he usually does, and we were a lot busier during the day. So I didn’t expect it to last, and it didn’t. But there was a big change once we got home. Some nights he does sleep through the night, most nights he only wakes up once. IT’s very more consistent than it used to be, and for him to wake up more than once it’s extremely rare, and usually only happens when he doesn’t have a good dinner. We’re still breastfeeding him so I’m not worried about waking up once a night. All my research shows that’s normal in all other breastfed babies, and we’re almost at a year . . . so it’s almost over.

Feeding: He’s such a good eater of all solids! We’ve tried everything mama and dada eat except honey, and he basically loves everything. Green veggies are a struggle unless they taste just right, but we eventually get it down. There are some tricks and some very silly dinner time shows to get him to eat. But we both think it’s worth it to give him a wide range and be sure he likes lots of healthy foods. He has breakfast, lunch, dinner, and nurses 4 times a day.

He recently weened himself off his mid afternoon nursing time. It was sort of an accident. We were really busy (moving, finding a house, going on vacation) and I forgot for about 3 days in a row. When I realized what had happened, I also realized he didn’t act fussy at all. So I continued for a couple days, and he was fine! So we nurse at 7 am, noon, and right before bed (then usually in the middle of the night). I am sure he gets a snack around that time now tho.

Fun Stuff: He’s sitting up on his own, crawling, army crawling, rolling, and just generally always on the move. He says mama, dada, night night, and bye bye. Night night is nana and bye bye is bi biii, but it counts because he says it at the right time. He loves to just play on the floor with his toys, go on family walks, flirts with every person he meets, have long conversations with mama and dada, still loves taking baths, and loves his jumper. We’re about to change him out to his walker because he’s standing on his own as well. He’s very shaky still, but with the support of his walker toy thing or someone close by he does just fine. He’ll be walking soon enough!

Jack has been such a champ through the move! It’s like he hardly noticed. There were a couple rough nights, the car trip up wasn’t awesome, and he’s been a little clingier. But I expected all of that, and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Also per my wonder weeks app he went through a major brain leap (the longest so far) the week of and after our move. Plus he still is currently. So with that, AND moving he’s being a champ.

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    Oh I liked this he is growing so big and still so adorable

    July 26, 2017 at 6:53 pm
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