the one with Jack’s 9 months update

My baby is 9 months old . . .

Height: 21 lbs

Head: big

Weight:  32 inches

Nicknames: Dumplin, jackster, jack jack, sweet pea

Sleep: He has an amber necklace for teething, but we never let him sleep in it. Well, I found out from a few friends that they let their kids sleep in theirs, and that’s actually normal. So we started letting him sleep in his necklace. Solids also starting going much, much better. So he now consistently sleeps from 8-230, nurses, then sleeps from 215-7. I like to sleep from 1076 (with the break to feed him it’s more like 8 hours) so this works out perfectly! I’ve known since we started breastfeeding he probably wouldn’t sleep through the night consistently until we stopped, so only waking up once is great! His tummy is still adjusting and he is teething like crazy so some nights he’s still up twice, but rarely more than that.

Feeding: Here’s a lesson in listening to your motherly instincts. I did a lot of pinterest and asking other moms research about introducing solids before Jack was born. From that I decided baby led weaning was what I wanted to try. But when the time came I got really scared he’d choke. So we did homemade purees instead. And we struggled. He loved food, but only wanted about 2 ounces a day. And he stopped pooping. I had this feeling the whole time that I should just do baby led weaning and he’d do better. Well he turned 8 months old and I finally gave in.

We started with rice, shredded chicken, and avocado one day when I was at lunch with friends and he was really fussy.  Welp, now he eats 3 meals a day and loves food so much. Eggs, chicken, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, zucchini, broccoli, blueberries, apples,  . . . you name it he eats it. He wouldn’t take to green vegetables, now he does. He’s pooping, and he’s sleeping better. It’s obvious he still prefers nursing so that’s our next step – increase the amount of food and start weening him from the boob. I plan to nurse for a year to 18 months so we’ve got plenty of time.

Fun Stuff:He prefers sitting up and playing over laying down now. He’s a crawling monster, but I think he might still want to just roll everywhere. He can pull himself up on his own, and is working on standing and balancing on his own. He gives high fives, sometimes waves bye bye, says mama and dada and I’m almost sure he knows who we are, he has 3 teeth, and he is so curious about the world around him. I love watching him check things out and learning about them. He’s a very excitable little boy. He claps his wrists together and jogs his legs like a frog when he gets excited. It’s the cutest thing.

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    I wouldn’t let my girls sleep with anything around their neck I was worried they would strangle themselves, they grow so fast at 9mths all my girls were crawling Natasha didn’t crawl as much as scoot around on her bum

    June 21, 2017 at 7:32 pm
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