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the one with pink shorts

shorts . tee . sunglasses . bag . necklace . sandals . similar earrings

Now that I’m older I like to base most of my clothings purchases on price per wear. The more I’ll wear it, the more I’ll spend on it. But that means I have less money to buy clothes and accessories. So that means I don’t usually have on lots of pieces and I re-wear things a lot. Isn’t that what everybody does though? It’s real life, and this blog is real life. Keeping things simple and rewearing is what originally led me to start the 5 pieces 1 outfit series (which I do twice a month on Friday’s). And that led me to have monthly series to show how to re-wear certain items and trends.

So this Summer it’s all about the 5 pieces 1 outfit in real life. This Summer is busy ya’ll, and I live in Florida so it’s gonna be hot. This is the season I can finally prove that living in Florida isn’t all sunshine and rainbows . . . sometimes it’s bugs and blistering hot and rain for no good reason that still doesn’t cool things down. I don’t want to have a lot on, and getting dressed can’t take a lot of time. It’s the perfect time to do a ton of 5 pieces 1 outfit real life posts!

I have a formula when I do these in real life – top, bottom, shoes, earrings, finisher. My finisher depends on what I’m doing and it also means I might actually photograph 6 or more pieces, but I’ll explain each outfit so you’ll understand why. I’m not cheating I promise. These pink shorts I wore on a travel day. I had to drive 2.5 hours to Orlando then walk around Disney then drive back. I needed to be comfortable (for the drive and walking), have my big diaper bag (you never know when you’re far from home) keep cool (super hot outside all day), and still look cute for pictures (duh)! This was perfect for all of those!

You’ll notice I have on 7 actual pieces. If I’m doing something that won’t require I hold a bag all day long – the bag doesn’t count. But I need something to do with my hands during pictures, and I do choose which diaper bag to use based on what colors I have on. Also, sunglasses don’t count unless I’m outside all the time. Lastly, I always have my J necklace on unless I purposefully want to wear another one. It’s like my underwear – you know I probably have it on, but it doesn’t count. I feel like that’s a good place to say good bye for the day 🙂

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the cray lady

    I have some nice pieces of clothing but my everyday around the house stuff I don’t spend much on, hell I don’t generally spend much money on any of my clothes

    June 5, 2017 at 7:28 pm
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