the one with my birthday list

the one with my birthday list

Happy birthday month! It is the 3rd best month of the year! September and December are better, but March is a very close third. This year my birthday list is easy. Things for me, but will specifically make life as a mom easier. So here it goes . . .

  1. Keurig – I’m pretty sure our keurig is 6 years old. But Scott tells me it’s only 3. But two cups of coffee a day makes me want a new one.
  2. Teething necklace – the drooling and the wining is already in abundance. anything to help is welcome.
  3. Target gift card – but only if you’re also willing to give two hours of babysitting.
  4. Bed frame and rug – I’m ready for a look in the bedroom. It has become my sanctuary. The only place in the house which is mine.
  5. Beauty and beast tickets – and again some babysitting hours, please.
  6. Massage – breast milk is heavy, ya’ll
  7. sugarboo bag – just something cute to make me happy 🙂

keurig . sugarboo bag . teething necklace . bed . rug


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