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Shopbop sale: new year basics

There are certain fashion items that we have to have. Certain basic pieces that are the foundation to our wardrobe. Since shopbop is having a big sale right now it’s the perfect time to stock up. There are restrictions, of course, find those here.  My top 5 basics are below. I do have all of these shopbop, and they are all in the sale. So hurry up and get on it. But give me about an hour to get mine first . . .


tote . tee . skinny jeans . flats .  panties

the one about postpartum hair and a tom’s bag

I’ve said many times that I occasionally have nothing to talk about when it comes to outfits. This is one of those. All I have to say is my mother in law got this charcoal tom’s transport tote for me at Christmas . . . and it’s heavenly. It’s big and roomie and the perfect diaper bag for those days when you need all the babies stuff. It’s also perfect for a quick run around target to use as a diaper bag and shopping bag.

So instead of talking about the dress, which has been on the blog many times, I’m going to talk about something disgusting. But if you’re a mom or about to be a mom it’s something we need to talk about. There is an investment that comes with pregnancy/motherhood that no one ever talks about. I can’t take it anymore. Women need to know.

Soon after your new baby is born you will have to invest in new plumbing. Yup, for your bathrooms. Because of your hair loss. Postpartum hair sucks. I know some people don’t like that word, but it’s the only word for it. Except the pipes don’t suck it down because there is so much of it. Pregnancy hair is amazing. Want beachy waves you can get them easily, frizz is gone, so much volume without product or a blow out . . . Then the baby comes out and all that volume does to  . . . into your drains, clogging your pipes. Then it grows back and you have little crappy, frizzy, wispy hair. It takes a great outfit, and makes it looks terrible. Postpartum hair sucks. invest in plumbing snakes and lots of drain cleaner before that baby comes out. Somebody tells me it all goes back to normal soon . . .

bag . dress . similar fedora . lipstick . sandals . glass pearls


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Links and Loves

Target’s got some new, cute Sugarfix earrings. I need them in my life.

It’s extremely important to save for retirement. All of us know that, but do you do it?

I’ve been jonesing this old navy ruffled off shoulder dress for months. I need it in my life.

I’m 31 and I haven’t taken a trip since I Was 28. It’s time.

It’s almost spring which means I need a new beach bag. I did that for you . . . I actually need one now because I live in Florida.


the one with Jack’s 5 month update

It’s Jack’s 5 month update!

Height:27 inches

Head: 17 3/4″

Weight:  17.9 lbs

Nicknames: Dumplin, babycakes, jackster, jackoby, munchkin, sweet pea

Sleep: Hello 4 month sleep regression. Little man randomly started waking up 3 or 4 times a night instead of his 1 time. And naps became a huge struggle. There were about 2 weeks there where I thought I might go nuts. He’s never been a great napper, but it just got worse. We came up with a plan about 2 weeks ago and it seems to be working. Naps are getting better and he’s back to his 1 time waking up most nights. There’s still the occasional twice a night, and we’ve had to implement some sleep training at nap time. More on that once I know we’re out of the clear . . .

Feeding: Still going great! Our pediatrician said to go ahead and introduce food if I thought he was ready. But breastmilk is going really well so no worries until 6 months. I think he is, but I have to actually accept it now. Then we’ll start solids!

Fun Stuff: Still no glaucoma after his last appointment! His eye pressure was the best it’s been even after lots of crying! Congenial glaucoma can present anytime between birth and a year so we’re still not in the clear yet. But it usually presents at 3 months so things look really good so far.

Jack loves to swim in the bath, stand on his feet (with our support), grab his toes, suck on anything especially Sophie the giraffe or his thumb, and sing songs. He rolls over all the time now – back to belly, belly to back both together. He still hates being on his belly so it’s not always easy. The best parts of the day are when he’s sleeping or playing independently and then I walk up! He gets the biggest smile on his face, moves his hands to his face, pulls his legs up, and starts to coo! It always reminds me I’m doing something right 🙂 He loves to blow bubbles and stick his tongue out!

He’s starting to be really interested in what’s on tv or what’s on our phones. I prefer some sort of back ground noise and usually have just a random tv show playing the background. Now that he’s paying attention I’m trying to play more music than tv. I also put cartoons or kid shows on sometimes! Can’t have the walking dead playing in the background even if we’re not paying attention. He loves all the shows with animals 🙂

Most importantly, our hair is still red 🙂

the one with a mustard top

I’ve grown up around moms and little kids my whole life. So I was ready for the long nights and crazy days. But one thing I always thought was crazy was how moms said they never had time to shower. What about nap time or when your husband is home? 5 months in and I get it now. You can shower at nap time, but he might wake up. Or you might have a hundred other things to do that need to be done when he’s asleep. And when your husband is home you want to spend time him or you have a hundred other things to do that can’t be with baby in tow. So some days a shower simply does not happen.

This is what I wear when I haven’t showered, but need to look nice. Maybe a quick dinner out or when friends offer to watch Jack at the last minute. I admit our weekly small group with church sees me like this every. week. Sunglasses to mask the under eye circles, fun lipstick to distract everyone, a nice top, comfy jeans, stylish shoes, and 12 lbs of dry shampoo in my top knot.

jeans . flats . clutch . necklace via . top . sunglasses

5 pieces 1 outfit: awards season

Hey friends! 5 pieces 1 outfit is a twice monthly series where we feature 5 pieces that bring together 1 perfect outfit. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, and or pieces to create a fashionable look that anyone can create. 5 pieces is all you need to make another outfit killer. First, I find it’s best to have a theme so you have a place to build from. That can be a color combo or maybe even an event. But most of all you just need a good base piece. This week’s theme is awards season! I’ve always wanted to throw a fancy party for the oscars! But I live a fairly casual life in a small beach town in Florida so I’ve never gotten the chance.

A girl can still dream tho, and this year I’d choose this! My favorite thing about this dress is that it’s only $250!! That’s pretty affordable! It’d be the perfect bridesmaids dress for a fancy wedding. Sometimes it’s a struggle to limit myself to 5 pieces, but this one was actually incredibly easy. For an event like the Oscar’s, it’s best to keep it simple. Let the dress speak for itself!

dress . heels . earrings . clutch . lipstick

the one with diy mobile for the nursery

Every day I lay Jack down in his crib to take 2 naps. He hates it. He’s just not good at soothing himself to sleep. So I decided to add a mobile to see if it would keep him occupied. I didn’t need much. We already have a nightlight, white noise, music, diffuser, etc. Basically we just needed something for him to look at. Once I found this on amazon I decided to go ahead and make the rest!

It was REALLY simple, but a little time consuming. First, I had to decide what to put on there. I wanted something not heavy that would be easy to hang on string. So paper! The theme in his room is Peter Pan ‘ish’ with lots of animals, blues, and green. That led me to arrows. After a quick etsy search, these were on their way to me.

Each string is 12″ long and has 5 arrows on it. Once they were cut and tied on, I simply glued two arrows back to back to attach them to the string. All done!

I wish the actual movile was not so large. It’s just this giant white robot arm on the crib now, but the rest of it is adorable. Best part, it’s helping the little man soothe himself down for his naps!