the one with a blue druzy necklace

the one with a blue druzy necklace

I am in love with this druzy necklace! Druzy is my favorite stone since it’s inexpensive and super sparkly. Unfortunately, this one is a couple years old (and I borrowed it), but I linked a couple similar ones that will do the job. It’s almost like druzy has an opal effect to it that features several different colors. So even tho the purple and the blue are both bold colors, it’s works especially since there’s so much purple in blue.

But the most important thing I want to talk about is my new haircut. A new haircut can change everything right!? I know quite a few women who’ve gotten their hair majorly cut off after having a baby. Then they end up with regrets. I didn’t want that, but I still had the urge for a little something new. So I had a few inches cut off, some layers added, and a few highlights added around my face. Turns out . . . I regretted it. It was just a little too short, and I want more highlights. But it’s starting to grow, and the blow dryer really leaves it bouncy!!

Have you ever regretted a haircut?

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