the one with the perfect plaid: gingham

the one with the perfect plaid: gingham

Plaid is all over the place as per usual. But all the new plaid these days usually comes on heavier fabrics. That makes sense since plaid is usually only for Fall or Winter, but I live in Florida. I rarely need heavier fabrics, and when I do need them – layering is best. So this Fall I’ve really embraced gingham. When I think gingham, I think Dorothy from the wizard of oz. But gingham doesn’t have to be blue. It’s simply a lightweight plaid cotton fabric. So in other words . . . it’s the perfect plaid for Florida. Which makes me a very happy girl! I have a red buffalo plaid top I’ve been dying to wear, but it’s just too hot still.

I got my hair done, did you notice!? long layers, 7 inches off, and some highlights! The highlights are very subtle on purpose. A lot of women I know end up drastically changing their hair postpartum, and I made a promise to my husbands I wouldn’t. But I was ready for something a little brighter and happier! A week after I got it done, Olivia Munn got a similar hairstyle. Now everyone is saying it’s the go to style for 2017! I guess I’m just ahead of the game, guys. It certainly has nothing to do with the fact that I had to cut this much off because it was all dead. . .

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