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the one that’s not nursing friendly

stripeddress1 stripeddress2 stripeddress3 stripeddress4 stripeddress5 stripeddress6 stripeddress7

scarf . dress . similar flats . sunglasses .lipstick . earrings

I figured since last week I did an outfit that was nursing friendly I should back it up this week with one that’s not nursing friendly so much. Like it doesn’t work at all if you need to nurse. But it’s really cute. It works for those few date nights the baby doesn’t come with you on. It also works when you go to church and straight back home. Outfits like this is why I bought a pump – for the occasional bottle. This dress is a maternity dress, that I bought a size too small when I was pregnant. I had high hopes I’d be able to keep it at it’s original shape and not stretch it out. I’m very happy to report that it worked, and here we are today!

I’m a very curvy girl and dresses like this are sometimes hard to wear for me. They have no shape and so they show every detail of mine or they’re too loose and since they have to be really loose to not show any curves I just look like a big bag. The size of the dress and the accessories that are added are always key to be sure neither one of those things happen. This dress has the perfect shape – it curves in just a little on the sides to add some shape. The scarf and the leopard shoes make it perfect for fall and take away from the bag look!

the one with a men’s gift guide 2016

6 years ago I was introduced to the real way to receive gifts. Of course, you show your gratitude and smile. But most of all, there must be exaggeration and exasperation. The person giving the gift needs to believe that this gift is literally the best thing on the planet. No one has ever understood their needs and wants better than you in this moment. I learned this from my husband, and have since learned even more tips from his mom and brother. I can only hope this comes naturally to our son because they have become my favorite people to buy gifts for. There might be a chance that I am just good at giving gifts. If that is the case then it’s my duty to help everyone else. So today here’s a gift guide for all the men in your life.

I have a system for the things I buy for my husband. First, I love to buy him things that he needs. He knows he needs new jeans, but he’ll never buy them. I buy them, and I’m taking care of him! Second, I’ll buy him something he’s asked for. You kinda have to at Christmas, right? Finally, my favorite things to buy him are the things that he sees as treats or will make his life easier! He never buys himself nice whiskey. So I will! He always buys the cheap hair gel. So I’ll buy him the nicer stuff, and he’ll race and rant and over exaggerate how much better it is. Seriously he’s the best at receiving gifts. Here’s some of the things on my list for the hubs this year . . .



calvin klein boxer briefs . french connection tie . uniball deluxe waterproof roller pen . bumble and bumble texture . sour patch kids . Jack Daniel’s fudge caramels


the one with a diy initial ornament

Every year I make a new ornament for our tree! The goal is to have it commemorate the big event of the year. I call it the ornament event! Of course, when something big happens I do say out loud ‘is this our ornament event!?’ But this year I knew pretty early on what our ornament event would be. I knew on January 27th – the day I found out I was preggo with baby Jack! So this year I decided to make a diy initial ornament! It’s the first holiday craft for my baby boy, and it was super quick, inexpensive, and easy! Just the way I like it!


What you need:


scrapbook paper

washi tape

mod podge

sponge brush



paint marker

flowers/decor to accent

hot glue and gun


How to:

  1. First, trace your initial onto your scrapbook paper. Then cut it out.
  2. Second, use your sponge brush and cover the back and front of paper with mod podge as well as the top of the initial. Then place it perfectly on top.
  3. Once the mod podge is dry, cut  a piece of washi tape to fit where you’d like. Then place it carefully.
  4. Next up, write a phrase, date, or little diddy on the washi tape!
  5. Then hot glue your accents in place!
  6. Finally, cut a piece of string to use as a hook and staple it to the back of the initial.


the one with a stitch fix tunic


leggings . tunic via . shoes . similar necklace . sunglasses . similar bag . bag

 On Friday, I shared my new go to outfit in the bi monthly feature 5 pieces 1 outfit. Today here it is in real life! Breastfeeding in public is hard, ya’ll. First of all, I just don’t feel comfortable pulling the boob out yet. Finally,  the covers are hard to keep in place. Baby Jack is very squirmy so maybe it’s just us that struggle with the covers. Until we figure it out, I need something that makes me comfortable and mostly covered. Maternity leggings and long tunics are my bread and butter. The full panel is now a high waist to keep my tummy covered and the tunic is a nice long shirt to keep the boob covered – certain ones even cover the boy once he’s latched! It’s perfect! A few small, key accessories change it up and keep it fashionable 🙂

This tunic is from stitch fix, and honestly it redeemed stitch fix for me. I received one box while I was pregnant, and it was the second box where I didn’t feel like my stylist listened to what I wanted.  But they gave me a $20 credit to make up for it because they’re good people. So I got another box, and it was pretty wonderful. I only kept this tunic, but I have worn it every 3 days since I got it. It’s sooooo soft and the gray color is the perfect compliment to my skin I think!

5 pieces 1 outfit: nursing friendly

Hey friends! 5 pieces 1 outfit is a twice monthly series where we feature 5 pieces that bring together 1 perfect outfit. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, and or pieces to create a fashionable look that anyone can create. 5 pieces is all you need to make another outfit killer. First, I find it’s best to have a theme so you have a place to build from. That can be a color combo or maybe even an event. But most of all you just need a good base piece. This week’s theme is nursing friendly because nursing in public is hard ya’ll!


tunic . leggings . hunter boots . hat . earrings

Let me start by saying – however you feed you child is your business. I have no judgments. Jack and I are breastfeeding. It’s time consuming, and it’s not easy. But (knock on all the wood) we’ve gotten a good little thing going so far. I’m extremely grateful for this. However, breast feeding in public is not working out for us. Mostly, it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable uncovered. Just my personal preference, again no judgments. There’s a part of me that actually wishes I could feel more comfortable, and in an effort to work on that – I’m trying to find nursing friendly clothes. Clothes that keep me relatively covered – my tummy and the top of my breast. The only thing I’ve found so far that I really enjoy is a tunic and leggings.

What do you wear when you know you’ll be breast feeding in public? I need all the inspiration!

the one with Jack’s one month update

It’s Jack’s one month update! He’s actually 6 weeks old now. But I wanted to wait until his official appointment to be sure we knew how big he was. Because kid eats all the time, and he is a giant . . . 


Height: 22.75 96th%
Head: 15.5 99%
Weight: 11.4 lbs 90%

Nicknames: Dumplin, babycakes, bubba, my boy, little boo, wow he’s got red hair

Sleep: Little Jack goes to bed between 8 and 9 and sleeps for about 4 hours before waking up to eat and get a clean booty. Then he sleeps again for about 2 hours and repeats. He fights naps a lot. I think he has FOMO. But once I get him swaddled and full he’ll give me a 2 hour nap a couple times a day. I do not think he’s getting as much sleep as he should be so we’ve been working on the 5 s’s this week (he’s not colicky, but he gets fussy in the afternoons)

Feeding: We are exclusively breastfed and super proud of ourselves. I do pump some and we’re slowly adding that in when we’re out and about or in the church nursery. So far he’s doing ok with bottles, pacifiers, and the boob. He just drinks really fast out of the bottle. Breastfeeding is hard for mama, yo. But Jack is killing it. We eat every 2-3 hours for 20-40 minutes a time.

Fun Stuff: Little man is such a morning person. We get our day started about 830 and he is alive, awake,  alert enthusiastic. We eat, play peek a boo, work on smiling, send daddy lots of pictures, and about 1030 we’re still awake and fighting a nap. But he’s so alert, smiling already, holding his head up on his own, rooting with his legs, just generally being a great baby and developing as he should.