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the one with a Christmas shopping outfit

schristmashopping3 christmasshopping1 christmasshopping2 christmasshopping4 christmasshopping5 christmasshopping6 christmasshopping7

 Now that we’re past Thanksgiving, it’s time for all of the shopping. So I decided to share my take on the perfect Christmas shopping outfit. There have been a couple days in Florida where we could actually wear scarves, boots, and jackets. Most of the time when we do that it’s pointless to be honest. I used to think it was purely for fashions sake. I’m from Indiana. Back there it gets cold. real cold. So flip flops come out at 50 degrees, and gloves aren’t necessary until it’s freezing. So when people break out winter coats at 60 degrees I laugh. But after two years of letting my body adjust to the weather in Florida – 65 degrees is officially chilly. I’m happy to report that means blanket scarves, boots, and jackets now have a purpose! especially since most of the malls are outdoors.

I have few requirements for my Christmas shopping outfit. It must be comfortable, easy to get on and off, include a big bag, and be good for several temperatures obviously. This outfit hits all of those right on the head. What do you like to wear shopping? What are your requirements?

jeans . Sperry’s . free people tee . tote . sunglasses . similar scarf . earrings

5 pieces 1 outfit: perfect white tunic

Hey friends! 5 pieces 1 outfit is a twice monthly series where we feature 5 pieces that bring together 1 perfect outfit. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, and or pieces to create a fashionable look that anyone can create. 5 pieces is all you need to make another outfit killer. First, I find it’s best to have a theme so you have a place to build from. That can be a color combo or maybe even an event. But most of all you just need a good base piece. This week’s theme is this perfect white tunic I found at Target.

whitetunic3 whitetunic1 white-tunic-6 whitetunic5 whitetunic2

jacket . tunic . shorts . similar ear crawlers . sperry’s

Florida has officially started the days where it’s cold in the morning and then perfectly in the 70’s or low 80’s all day. So this jacket that I bought to protect myself from Zika while I was pregnant (true story) is coming in handy many mornings during the work week. Pair it with some simple shorts, and the perfect white, breezey tunic – it goes from chilly mornings to hot afternoons!

the one with Jack’s two month update

Happy Thanksgiving! Little man is 2 months and 4 days old! Because of Thanksgiving he won’t have an appointment until middle of December when he’ll be a week from 3 months so the numbers are just guesses. He’s made big strides in sleep and development tho!


Height: per our blanket he’s 25″ … very official obviously
Head: 15.5 99%
Weight: I’d guess he’s about 13 lbs now.

Nicknames: Dumplin, babycakes, bubba, my boy, little boo, sweet boy

Sleep: We finally have a good consistent system. Little man takes a bath about 730, and we put fresh pj’s on. Then he usually doses in his swing or is just awake and cute and happy. Then at 9/930 I wake him up and feed him again. We all go to bed between 930/10. Then he and I get up about 2 every morning for a clean booty and a small snack (breastfeeds for about 15 minutes). Finally we all get up for the day at 530. We only have one car so he usually sleeps again from 730-9 while I drive Daddy to work and do some blog work. Then he takes a long nap around 1030-1ish. After that we fight sleep until after our bath.

Feeding: Little man is still exclusively eating from the boob. We have had minimal problems and I feel incredibly blessed. I had 3 key people give me lots of advice here and all of it has worked. I plan on sharing soon to hopefully help others have as little trouble as we’ve had. It is a full time job tho. He eats every 2 hours while he’s awake for at least 15 minutes each time -usually 30 tho. It’s incredibly time consuming.

Fun Stuff: His smiles light up our day, and he’s starting to giggle just not when things are funny. He’s starting to develop a big personality and already has his favorite things. His lion blanket even tho it’s the exact same as all the other Aden and Anias swaddles is by far his favorite. He is almost always making a noise of some kind especially when he’s in his swing – his favorite place. He hates tummy time, but that just means he kicks a lot so crawling will come easily once he’s ready. Jack loves to crane his neck every which direction to see all the bright colors and lights around him. Even when he’s in a carrier or wrap (which he loves) he sticks his neck out so he can look around.

the one with thanksgiving prep and immodium

This year I’m hosting Thanksgiving for 6 and a half people. Jack is the half, and he counts. But he can’t eat turkey yet. Anyway, I started my thanksgiving prep two weeks ago. I always hear about how turkeys sell fast so I assumed I needed to hurry. I also had to run to Walmart to get the important stuff like a centerpiece and the Imodium – more on that later. I’m not usually that worried about the turkey though to be honest. The sides are where it’s at for me. Sides are what bring me joy, sides are the reason the holidays matter. Obviously, they need to be things that I know will be good. This is not the time to try new recipes, right!? Well, it’s what I’m doing this year.

Per Martha Stewart when you are having 6-7 people you should have 1 appetizer, 1 salad, 1 starch, and 1 veggie. My sister is bring an ambrosia salad, and instead of an appetizer I decided to do 2 different starches. Sweet and mashed potatoes are must haves, ya’ll. In my family, we usually keep things classic – plain mashed, sweet potato casserole, green beans, crescent rolls, etc. But this year I’m doing the same bases just different flavors. Here’s the links to the recipes I’ve chosen . . .


sweet potato souffle . macaroni ‘n’ cheese . corn bread . roasted green beans with Parmesan and basil . garlic mashed potatoes

Lots of cheese, lots of spice, and lots of unknowns since we’ve never had these recipes before. My guests are all coming down from Orlando so the unknowns can be worrisome for them. My husband and I always travel to Indiana from Florida for Christmas so I know what it’s like. When you’ve forgotten something it sometimes feels like the end of the world. Or when you’re just at a friends house for dinner and realize you forgot to put on deo, what do you do? So I made a little kit to keep in the bathroom for them.


Eating foods that can wreck your tummy is the worst when you’re away from home, and I want my guests to be comfortable. We all know the Imodium is the most important item in that little kit up there. I got the soft gels because they work faster! I also got some Pecid Complete in there in case the heartburn attacks. Be sure to run to Walmart and get yours if you’re traveling or hosting guests. There are also several Lactaid products to check out to help with all that cheese in everything and milk in the potatoes.


What sides are you sharing for Thanksgiving? You can tons of recipes here if you need ideas!

the one with a shopbop gift guide

After Monday’s post, I figured I would put up a shopbop gift guide for all the ladies in your life. Because you can’t buy undies for all the girls you know. I feel like most women ask for clothes. This makes sense especially for moms since they don’t buy clothes for themselves. But those aren’t always the most fun gifts to give. I chose shopbop because who doesn’t love a one stop shop, and shopbop is my favorite shop! They’re also having a huge sale for black friday that starts today! I thought about trying to figure out more ways to say shop, but let’s just get to the fun stuff . . .


rifle paper co pencils . madewell buffalo check socks . rifle paper co notebooks . backgammon and checkers . pink stripe coffee mug . lotus candle . gypsy rose eyemask . lauren conrad ‘celebrate’ . kate spade water bottle . long tray . small tray . Chrissy Tiegen ‘Cravings’ . watermelon cooler . teal vase . studded picture frame . elephant money bank . kate spade bow slippers . cashmere gloves . coasters . champagne flutes

the one with what to give your wife for christmas

We all know that I just became a mama, and with that came lots of changes to  . . . well everything. My priorities, time, clothes, and especially my body are different. Things are rolling and laying differently than they used to. Clothes fit differently especially undies. Just because I’m a mom I still want to feel sexy and wanted so I decided to try one of the lingerie subscriptions. I knew it was the perfect gift for me to give me. Husbands, it’s also a great idea for what to give your wife for christmas this year. I decided to gi with The Enclosed because #bigbootyproblems, and they go up to xxl!



I loved the first month of my subscription, and am definitely thinking about upgrading to three, six or twelve months. The knicker ladies make it easy to select your preferences, and they pick the perfect pair for you. The undies they sent me are the perfect style for me, and the rose petals in the box make it so romantic!  It’s the perfect romantic gift for all you husbands, but it’s a bit weird to just get underwear, right!? So while you’re at it, here’s a few other ideas for what to give your wife for christmas that go perfectly with her lingerie subscription.


hello love candle . kimono lace robe . eye lashes mask . balthazar fringe blanket

Because I love you all, it’s a holiday week, and I love my subscription so much I’m giving you all one!

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the one with Jack’s gift guide

On September 20th, my sweet boy was born. It was the perfect time for a holiday lover like me. We celebrate his birth at the beginning of fall! Then the next week we put up the Halloween decorations, and the holidays officially begin! But this year – for his first Christmas – it means Christmas comes when I have a 3 month old. What do you buy a 3 month old!? I somehow came up with a list, and decided to share with all of you so we could share our ideas.

I decided we’d just get him a little stocking and fill it with some colorful toys he’ll enjoy looking at now. A few months later, he’ll get to play with them! Bath toys for when he’s sitting up, sippy cups for when we introduce juice, teethers for when he starts to cut teeth. Of course, there are a couple things for me to enjoy on his behalf. He’ll get to see the pictures when he’s older, and enjoy them then. Christmas pj’s, fun things to dress him in, and cute expensive teethers because damn they’re cute.


car seat toys . bath toys . owl teether . sophie the giraffe . sippy cups . Christmas PJ’s . pizza tee

the one with Hawaiian roll breakfast sandwiches

For the holidays, I like to have something delicious for breakfast. It needs to have protein so we stay full for awhile, but it also needs to be light. We can’t fill up too much. It’s a dangerous line I walk while trying to keep everyone hungry yet not hangry. This year seems like the most thanksgiving of my life now that we have our new boy. I know he won’t be eating, but  . . . well I put a lot of pressure on myself. So I decided to try something new – Hawaiian roll breakfast sandwiches.



  • 2 – 12 roll packages of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
  • 2 – 16 oz rolls of sausage
  • 12-14 large eggs
  • 6 pieces of your preferred cheese – I recommend Colby jack or cheddar.
  • ¼ cup butter
  • ¼ cup syrup


How to:

  1. Spread sausage evenly in the bottom of a 13×9 baking dish and pat down. Bake at 350F for 18-22 minutes
  2. Then scramble eggs in a bowl, and cook as normal.
  3. Slice through the Hawaiian rolls horizontally and place the bottoms of the rolls in a 13×9 baking dish.
  4. Layer the sausage, eggs and cheese slices on top and then place the tops of the rolls on top.
  5. Use a knife to follow the lines of the rolls and slice through the layers to form individual sandwiches.
  6. Next melt the butter in a microwave safe dish. Stir in the syrup until it is completely combined and appears creamy.
  7. Brush the syrup mixture over the top of the sandwiches allowing it to drip between the cracks.
  8. Bake at 350F for 10-15 minutes.
  9. Finally serve hot, and enjoy!