the one with a black maxi

the one with a black maxi

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Happy Halloween!! I love the holidays so obviously today is one of my favorite days! I’m also really excited to get back into blogging regularly, and I knew today would be the best day to start!

We’re in that awkward phase of the year when everyone else is in fall, but Florida is still almost 90 degrees almost everyday. However, I’ve heard it’s hotter than usual in other areas. But Florida is right on schedule – with a light breeze. It’s a weird time for me as a blogger. I know the outfits I’m actually wearing most of my readers wont’ wear right now. And I’m jealous to be honest. I want to dress for colder weather. But I would sweat if I did that. Today I’m showing you how I’m actually wearing the dress plus how I’d wear it if I was in fall weather.

I recently picked up this fantastic black maxi dress. The back gives it that little sexy edge and some extra style from just being basic. Plus, all I have to do is untie the straps to nurse Jack! Holla! Paired with simple accessories a bold lip (and a jean jacket if it’s cool enough) it’s the perfect church, brunch, shopping, wherever you wanna wear it dress ! I can’t wait to dress it up for a holiday party!

What’s the weather where you live like – have you finally pulled out the fall clothes yet?


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