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the one when nothing fit

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I’ve said numerous times throughout my pregnancy that I’ve basically lived in leggings or shorts and a tank top. But I haven’t actually worn them on the blog much. You guys get to see date night and church outfits which I put much more thought into. But these outfits that I wear most days do have some style to them. Usually more than I’m showing here even. But mainly for the last two weeks of my pregnancy, nothing fit. look at those boobs, that belly, them ankles . . . woof

The best part of this outfit is that it’s super comfortable even when I wasn’t. Sometime soon you’ll hear our birth story and I’ll tell you about how for two weeks this little boy made me think he was coming only to put me off. So needless to say for at least two weeks I was uncomfortable everyday. I’m not complaining. I’m just stating the truth. When a 7 lb baby is sitting literally in your pelvis, it’s hard to be comfortable. It also makes it easy to wear when nothing fit because the belly was so low and so big. It also made it easy when I walked and walked and walked every day or bounced and bounced and bounced on my birthing ball. Walk the baby out as they say.

What’s your favorite thing to wear when nothing fits?

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  • Reply joannerambling

    Leggings are so comfy I am wearing them a lot lately with long shirts and short dresses

    September 26, 2016 at 6:02 pm
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