the one with the mustard dress

the one with the mustard dress

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Mustard is yet again looking like it’s going to be a major player for fall fashion. For some reason I’ve never really gotten into mustard. Probably because I don’t think it looks good on my skin tone. I already have enough yellowish. But I have been rocking this mustard dress all summer long.

I grew up playing the piano, but took a long break after high school. Recently, I picked it back up again, and to keep myself active, busy, and creative I’ve kept playing weekly throughout my pregnancy and intend to do so until it’s over. Which I’m hoping as you’re reading this it is over. This dress is perfect for those days. I look nice for the people watching, the flare skirt keeps my under things covered as I spread my legs underneath the piano, and it fits over the belly. Not much is fitting over the belly these days so fit and flare dresses are key.

Quick side note – this mustard dress is from old navy in the spring. It is a maternity dress. But it’s not on their website anymore. I have dresses linked that have a similar fit, but none of them have a mustard option. I couldn’t find one similar enough that I liked so I figured this was a better option! If you have any questions or want my help finding others just message me! If I’m not in the hospital I’ll get back to you asap.


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