the one with 38 weeks

the one with 38 weeks

Welp, Hopefully this is our last pregnancy update. Baby Boy will be here in less than 3 weeks. I’ve loved being pregnant for the most part, and I know I’ll miss feeling Jack grow into a little human in my belly. But now I’ll get to watch him grow to a little boy and then a man in real life. I guess the trade off is worth it 🙂


How far along? 38 weeks

Maternity clothes? maternity dresses are my hero. also leggings to keep the legs covered up from bugs.

Sleep: It is, what it is. I sleep for about 4 hours and wake up for 2. Then I sleep for about 2 hours and wake up for 3. Then I just give up, but that’s followed by a nap at mid day. Or I have all the energy in the world regardless of how I slept the night before. 

Best moment: We got our pre-pregnancy list done! And finding out baby is head down at our appointment last week! 

Miss Anything?: Finally, I can eat sushi in about 3 weeks!

Movement: Lots of pushing and pulling instead of kicking.  

Food cravings: biscuits and gravy. Since sleep isn’t great, and I take a nap almost everyday. That means I don’t usually eat as much as I would on a normal day. So I’m craving lots of carbs and protein to get my calories up. And baby boy needs water all day, erry day. If I go a couple hours with no water all movement stops then I drink about 3 oz and he’s back to bouncing and pushing. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope.

Gender: boy! Jack William Stark

Symptoms: I got a real good pregnancy swag going. My body is opening itself up as they say.  

Belly Button in or out? still in 🙂 

Wedding rings on or off? on and comfortable.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m still the happiest and mellowist I’ve ever been. But the anxiety of pending labor and OMG what if I’m not a good mom is here so there are moments where the emotions get the better of me. But my moods have been no where near what I thought they would be. 

Looking forward to?  Meeting my sweet boy! 

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