the one with 5 pregnancy myths

Hello friends! I’ve spent the entire year pregnant, and I’ve heard about every pregnancy ‘fact’ there is. Since some have rang true for me and some have rang very untrue. Today I wanted to go over the most popular ‘facts’ I’ve heard that ended up being 5 pregnancy myths.

pregnancy myths

1. Eating for two – We all know subconsciously that this isn’t true, right?! But still we get pregnant or know someone who’s pregnant and everyone just accepts she’s eating for two! I assumed I would be hungrier, and after some research I figured I would need about 200-300 extra calories a day. But none of those things are actually true. I’m not hungrier. My doctor has said I don’t need any extra calories. I can’t even imagine eating for two with as full as my stomach feels. Of course, if you’re underweight or right at weight when you get pregnant I’d recommend asking your doctor about those extra calories, but you certainly don’t need to eat for two.

2. Your hair will grow and it will be amazing! – Yes, your hair on your head will grow. There will be more volume, and it will be wonderful. What they forget to tell you, however, is that so will the hair every.where.else. The random hair on your chin that you have to tweeze every few months . . . make that every few days. The dark hairs on our legs that you shave once a week . . . make that every other day (until you can’t reach anymore). Your eyebrows that are perfectly waxed once a month . . . chewbacca. And we won’t even get started on the special area.

3. Only spicy foods will give you heartburn – Bland foods are what you’re told to eat if you get heartburn. My doctor made a big deal out of it. Heartburn did get bad for me. I did listen to him. Heartburn got worse. I gave up and ate whatever I wanted and heartburn has stayed the same. The only food that helps or doesn’t help is apples. Apples and tums.

4. Your hormones will go crazy – I am highly emotional and highly sensitive. With all the ‘facts’ you hear about how crazy your hormones will be when you’re pregnant, I was really concerned. I did not want to be that crazy b**** for my husband to deal with for 9 months. I’ve somehow mellowed out. Sure, I have my moments. Like when I had a mental breakdown because I forgot to make my husband a sandwich. However, for the most part I’ve mellowed out. There is no crazy b**** living in my house.

5. Finally, If you’re having a boy you won’t suffer from acne – I thought it was a girl until our first ultrasound. When I found out for sure it was a boy, I got excited because I would glow! My skin would just get better. I had heard the myth that you give girls your beauty while you’re pregnant. However, I gave my beauty to Jack. In other words, I had lots of acne.

What pregnancy ‘facts’ did you find to be myths for your pregnancy?

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