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the one with Rihanna

With closets full of clothes and designers begging them to wear their designs, celebrities are great fashion inspiration. But the normal girl doesn’t have those same opportunities, or closet size, or that kinda cash. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t use that inspiration the celebs so freely give. Once a month, here at the niche I feature a celeb in a rockin’ outfit – one i would wear in real life. But at real girl stores and real girl prices. We can be the inspiration for each other sometimes, right!? This months chosen celeb is Rihanna.



I’ve wanted to use Rihanna as inspiration before, but her style can be out there. I’m sure we all remember the dress of just strings of rhinestones. But I like her creativity when it comes to style and how she doesn’t hold back or conform. Being who we are is a message I definitely get behind especially when it comes to fashion. To be 100% honest, she’s been put on the back burner for the past couple months because of the rumors of her and Leo. b**** can have her money when she gives me my boyfriend back. jk,jk,jk Well, she’s wearing matching lavender outfits with Drake now and wearing killer outfits like this so I couldn’t ignore her anymore.


boyfriend shirt . asos jeans . ankle strap heels . bag . layered necklace


Loose boyfriend shirts are about to be my best friend once this baby comes. Here Riri shows us how to style it up and still look lady like and sexy. That red lip and black nails are the perfect beauty choices as well. What do you think – can you still find inspiration from someone whose style is usually pretty out there?

the one with lazy girls guide to a healthy pregnancy


shorts . tank . tennis shoes . sunglasses

I’ve never been an extremely healthy person. In school – college was 8 years ago – I played sports and was relatively active, but I did not eat healthy. In the 8 years since, I’ve gained weight, anxiety issues, and a sluggish feeling. Phases would come and go where I tried to eat better or work out. But nothing stuck until I moved to Florida a year and half ago. I became more active just because of our new lifestyle. We started eating at home more because I worked from home and magically found the time, and the heat made me thirsty for more water. As you can see, it still wasn’t necessarily my choice or that I found the discipline. In December, we started trying to have a baby and I started to make better choices. I tried to find that discipline.

I didn’t expect to get pregnant so quickly since I was overweight and was 30 years old. But God listens to our prayers and we got pregnant in January. Guess what!? I found that discipline I needed in that little parasite living in my body. I still don’t consider myself an extremely healthy person – we’ll have to see if it sticks when i’m not pregnant. But I am passing all my tests with flying colors, I’ve only gained 13 lbs at 34 weeks pregnant, and I feel better than I ever have before. Even my mood swings are more stable than they were pre-pregnancy.

I don’t tell you this to brag. I tell you this because I want to help other girls like me. I’ve come up with the lazy girls guide to a healthy pregnancy. 5 easy things you can do to be sure you have a healthy pregnancy.I’m not a doctor obviously. But these are things I’ve read online and heard from my doctor to do. Then I went home, actually did them, and they worked.

Lazy girls guide to a healthy pregnancy

1. drink water all the time- put fruit in it. crystal light natural flavors (no aspartame). just drink it.

2. walk – even just a 15 minute walk every day helps keep you active and they say it will make labor easier, and who doesn’t want that! I go early in the morning to give myself a fresh start each day, and avoid the heat.

3. take prenatal vitamins – they even make them in fruit flavored gummies so it’s like eating candy. plus you get all the vitamins you need from two gummy candies.

4. eat lots of protein – eating for two is a myth. but you do get hungry, and unless you’re overweight you need more calories a day so eat lots of filling protein. since I was overweight to begin with and am mostly sedentary, I’ve (tried to) stay at 1800 calories a day. If you’re active or were under/at a good weight before being pregnant, then my doctors recommend you add 200-300 calories a day.

5. get a pregnancy ball (workout ball) – another thing to keep you active and make labor easier. I learned this last month at our baby classes. It helps open your hips, stretch the muscles (which already hurt and will need opened during labor), plus it helps the baby get into proper position (head down). It was recommended to me that I bounce or sway on my ball 2 or 3 times a day for half an hour. So while I watch tv for an hour everyday I go back and forth between swaying and bouncing.

Anybody else have a surprisingly healthy pregnancy? I’d love to hear from other lazy girls on how they stay healthy!

5 pieces 1 outfit: preparing for fall

Hey friends! 5 pieces 1 outfit is a twice monthly series where we feature 5 pieces that bring together 1 perfect outfit. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, and pieces to create a fashionable look that anyone can create. 5 pieces is all you need to make another outfit killer. First, it’s best to have a theme so you have a place to build from. That can be a color combo or maybe even an event. But most of all you just need a good base piece. This week’s theme is all about preparing for fall, and our base piece is this lovely plum dress.


dress . jacket . bag . booties . earrings

For most of you, fall is right around the corner. It’ll be here in a little more than a month even though this has been the hottest summer on record or something – I don’t know ask Leo. I try not to pay attention because I’m super pregnant and don’t want to focus on the heat anymore than I already do. One of my favorite fall colors is a dark plum so when I saw this dress I knew it would be a great piece to start preparing for fall. To finish things up add the olive military jacket we all have as a staple in our closet. I chose to accessorize with some gray druzy earrings and booties to match plus a bright purse.  This is preparing for fall not a full fall outfit so the bright purse keeps things quirky and bright!

the one with octer

Hey friends! I hope you’re having a great week! I’m excited to tell you about a new website that I found recently –! But first I have to tell you a story. . .

2nd grade- 7 years old is the average age to start second grade. That’s when I started wearing a b cup bra. In middle school, I started playing soccer and had to put a sports bra over a regular bra to keep the C cups down. I’ll skip the horror of what I had to do when they grew to DD in high school and college. I wish I could stop there, but now that I don’t play soccer every day I have gained weight. Of course, some of the weight is in my breasts. In the past few years, my weight has averaged out (I even started losing), and the girls are staying at a DDD.

They’re heavy, and my back hurts almost everyday. My biggest worry with pregnancy is that they will grow even more. My biggest worry with breastfeeding is that it’s a lost cause before we even begin because of how big they are. Scott even asked during our breastfeeding classes – “Are there some mountains just too big for the baby to climb?” Funny, and you might think I’d be offended, but this has been my life since I was 7 years old.


The answer is no by the way.

Today – Someway, somehow, the grace of God, my boobs have stayed the same size my whole pregnancy. Some days they’re a little ‘swollen’, but so far no growth. All my old bras still fit!! But now that I’m 8 months pregnant, breastfeeding is right around the corner. The doctors and breastfeeding consultants have all told me I should be good to go ahead and buy nursing bras that fit now. Since I love to be prepared, that’s a relief. Especially since I have to find nursing bras big enough, supportive enough, not $100 a piece, and maybe even a little sexy.


Places like motherhood maternity and playtex size their nursing bras differently than normal bras, and those sizes take into consideration that most women have larger breasts while pregnant and breastfeeding. So I had no idea where to begin. I might even fit into an XL, you guys!! Plus, you can buy the popular brands at all major department stores – nordstrom, macy’s, jc penny’s. That’s where octer comes in!

From their website – Octer‘s aim is to make online shopping as simple as possible for all devices, whether you’re browsing on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.


That’s what they did for me! All I had to do was search for nursing bras. Then I could compare all the stores, all the reviews, all the size charts, and all the prices! It couldn’t have been simpler, and now I’ve got a good start on the nursing essentials to fit the girls. The only thing that I’d love to see added is a simpler way place to see what the price is at each store.

The top picture shows the bra I purchased. The picture also shows it’s for sale at Macy’s. I knew from other bras I had looked at with octer that Nordstrom was having a huge sale. So I searched for the bra I wanted at Nordstrom. Nordstrom had it listed much cheaper with the sale price. Octer does a great job of consolidating all the items available at department stores. I would just find it even better if they also showed sale prices. But I guess that’s what Friday posts and huge fashion blogs are for tho, right!?

Have you used octer or a site like it? Which ones are your favorites? Do you think they’re helpful?


* sponsored this post, however all opinions and stories are true to Bex.*

the one with fall accessories

It’s time to start getting all of our fall accessories together. I know it seems crazy. After all, it is only August.  Plus,  it’s still super hot outside. But it’s true. Fall will be here at the end of next month. It’s is not my favorite season. But I do love dressing for fall on the few days cool enough here in Florida. Since I am one of the few who do not prefer fall over all the others I compiled a list of some fall accessories you can grab now.


hair jewels – It’s an updated version of all those cute berett’s we used to wear as little girls. On the runways they’re big and have lots of jewels. But I’d prefer to wear them a little more low key – like this simple leaf.

pumps – A simple classic that I love is coming back. What could be better!? These Michael Kors flex pumps are my very favorite! Everyone should own a pair. Since they’re coming back in a major way this season it’s the perfect time.

cross body bag– I don’t think these have ever really gone out of style! But this season is like we’re still in college. You need that strap so you don’t loose your purse in the bar – everybody’s wearing them.

chokers– I’m sure you’ve heard the ’90’s are back. Chokers are the only reason I’m ok with this so far. If baby doll dresses come back as well, I’m in. But so far only the chokers.

broach – When I lived in Indiana, I loved wearing a broach. Especially on the collars of my coats. I’m thrilled this trend is back. This one is $300, but it’s an ELEPHANT! First place I’ll go to really look is etsy!

So friends are you ready for fall? Which accessories are your favorites?

the one with the teal dress

teal dress3







dress . similar non maternity maxi . tank . similar earrings . sunglasses . sandals

I’ve never been good at braiding hair. For some reason, I decided to put that on display today. This braid looked so good and pretty when I left the house. Then it started to fall, and it just kept falling. I tell you this so you know why I’m holding it in every single picture. I gave up at some point and just let it hang though because #ikeepitreal. You can also see the weird spot of greyish blonde bald spot I have. I don’t know how to explain it, and most of the time I can hide it so I don’t explain it. But there it is for all to see. Let’s talk about something important now . . .

Last week I showed you so many brightly colored jewels that I was a fan of, and I inspired myself! These bright yellow earrings are some of my favs and I wear them fairly often. For church this weekend, I decided to pair them with teal dress for a quirky little color combo. I’m in love! Pre-pregnancy knotting shirts over dresses was one of my favorite ways to change up an outfit and re-wear several different pieces, so that was the perfect addition.

How was your weekend friends? Anybody else wear brightly colored jewels or mess up their hair?

the one about pregnancy and fatherhood

My husband is surprisingly very calm about having a baby, however he still has major opinions on almost everything pregnancy and fatherhood. Everyday I get the questions – how much water have you had? have you sat on your pregnancy ball today? how much is he moving? etc, etc.  I did expect this and  I’d rather have it this way than he act like he doesn’t care at all. But some of his opinions are surprising, and lots of them are actually pretty funny – especially his opinions on the babies clothes. Today I wanted to pass along some laughs and share some of his funny takes on pregnancy and fatherhood.


1. If a baby girl doesn’t have hair, why does she need a big bow in her hair? it serves no purpose! *under his breath* hopefully that’ll go out of style by the time we have a girl

2. Why does everybody keep buying him clothes with stupid sayings on them? He’s a baby not a commercial.
He can only wear his bow ties on special occasions. Like Easter Sunday special.
me – what about if we’re at home, but I put him in a diaper and a bow tie for me.
I still don’t like it. but ok

3. Can I post a picture of you eating watermelon and say don’t eat the seeds?
me – sure! pregnant girls do that all the time. it’s funny.
WHAT!? How am I not the first one to come up with this.
me – we can still do it
It’s too ridiculous now.

4. I don’t think I’ve ever had heartburn before what does it feel like.
me – like your esophagus is on fire. like it’s burning around your heart and blood is in your mouth
*very calmly but with a terrified look on his face – ok

5. And since I haven’t mentioned my boyfriend on the blog in much too long. Scott recently decided to get a new hair do and asked for a picture of what I would prefer. As I passed him the picture, he says . . .
If this is a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio I’m gonna be so pissed.

the one with 32 weeks

File_000 (1)


2 more weeks have passed, and I am still pregnant – 32 weeks to be exact. The husband completed his CFP exams last week 🙂 So I’m a super proud wifey this week, but I have quite a few big things left on the before baby to do list. I know it’s surprising since I’m type A. Some of them can’t be done until September so that’s my excuse!

How far along? 32 weeks

Maternity clothes?
 uh huh. some maternity clothes don’t even fit anymore.

so much sleep, all the time. 3rd trimester exhaustion is here. However, the snoogle helps quite a bit. 

Best moment:
He spends most of his time head down – as he should -but it’s become apparent to me where his feet are. Every time I feel them in my ribs I cry a little. I’M HAVING A BABY!! 

Miss Anything?: Pregnancy isn’t bad for me. But I’d like to be comfortable again, and eat sushi, and be able to bend over without cutting off my blood supply, and for my extremities to not go to sleep randomly.

 They keep telling me it’s going to stop because he’s running out of room, but no.

Food cravings:
water, water, all the time. it’s so hot outside. 

Anything making you queasy or sick:
not since the glucose test. which I passed. 


 research 3rd trimester pregnancy symptoms. I have those. 

Belly Button in or out?
 still not out. i feel weirdly happy about this.

Wedding rings on or off?
on! the heat does cause my feet and hands to swell a little, but not usually or consistently.

Happy or Moody most of the time:
super happy, but I cry a lot. 

Looking forward to?
holding my baby boy, also my church family in vero is throwing a shower to celebrate Jack at the end of August.