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the one with a back to school wishlist

Back to school, back to school. To prove to Dad that I’m not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, and My boots tied tight. I hope I don’t get in a fight.

Hey friends! It’s officially the end of the week! We’re almost there! Every year in the month of August, this becomes my favorite song. Most kids and teachers are already well into the school year. I’ve been sitting here a little jealous for the last couple weeks. However, all that I really miss is the back to school shopping. So I decided to make a wishlist of all the things I’d buy for the first day of school. Since I’m an adult now, I decided that money was no object. Mama would have never let me spend this much on a backpack . . .

back to school

nike’s . Every year I got new tennis shoes for gym class. I don’t think I ever fully appreciated it.  Tennis shoes add such a layer of style,but I always ignored it. This year I’d go with a nice creamsicle color just because I can.

 kate spade gold pens . pretty pens were a big deal. a big deal. but I never thought about quality back then. Now I do, and these are some of my favorites. Plus, gold.

planner . Again with the orange/coral. I know it’s a slight problem. This girl was obsessed with planners in high school and college, but now I just use my phone. I try to start again every January, and I never stick with it anymore.

  backpack . First of all, this is made by madewell so you know it’s a good bag. Second of all, how chic would it be for a girl in high school or college.

dress . Probably the most important of all is the first day outfit. I always over did it. Jeans, a super fancy shirt, wedges, and all kinds of jewelry were my style back then. A classic striped dress would keep it simple this year. One that will match my new tennis shoes is perfect.

What were your favorite things to buy when you went back to school? What’d you wear for the day of school this year?


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  • Reply joannerambling

    I am glad I do not have to worry about back to school as my school days are long gone but then I do have two grandsons that I am dealing with each and every school days, so still have to buy school clothes, read school notes and make sure things are paid for and yeah you would think their mothers could do all that but no often if I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done

    August 23, 2016 at 10:21 pm
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