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the one about pregnancy and fatherhood

My husband is surprisingly very calm about having a baby, however he still has major opinions on almost everything pregnancy and fatherhood. Everyday I get the questions – how much water have you had? have you sat on your pregnancy ball today? how much is he moving? etc, etc.  I did expect this and  I’d rather have it this way than he act like he doesn’t care at all. But some of his opinions are surprising, and lots of them are actually pretty funny – especially his opinions on the babies clothes. Today I wanted to pass along some laughs and share some of his funny takes on pregnancy and fatherhood.


1. If a baby girl doesn’t have hair, why does she need a big bow in her hair? it serves no purpose! *under his breath* hopefully that’ll go out of style by the time we have a girl

2. Why does everybody keep buying him clothes with stupid sayings on them? He’s a baby not a commercial.
He can only wear his bow ties on special occasions. Like Easter Sunday special.
me – what about if we’re at home, but I put him in a diaper and a bow tie for me.
I still don’t like it. but ok

3. Can I post a picture of you eating watermelon and say don’t eat the seeds?
me – sure! pregnant girls do that all the time. it’s funny.
WHAT!? How am I not the first one to come up with this.
me – we can still do it
It’s too ridiculous now.

4. I don’t think I’ve ever had heartburn before what does it feel like.
me – like your esophagus is on fire. like it’s burning around your heart and blood is in your mouth
*very calmly but with a terrified look on his face – ok

5. And since I haven’t mentioned my boyfriend on the blog in much too long. Scott recently decided to get a new hair do and asked for a picture of what I would prefer. As I passed him the picture, he says . . .
If this is a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio I’m gonna be so pissed.

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  • Reply Erika

    haha! These all sound exactly like things my husband would say!

    August 5, 2016 at 9:26 am
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