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the one with diy 3D arrow art

For our new nursery, I wanted to use a lot of what we already had for the decor. We’ll be moving when he’s 5 months old or younger (please pray for us, ha!), so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. But I know who I am as a person. That person has a nursery ready for her son when she’s 8 months pregnant. We’re about 2 weeks away from being 8 months pregnant, and the nursery is almost done (right on schedule). The end result is my favorite room I’ve ever decorated, and I will probably use everything in his room at the new house. My current favorite piece is the 3D arrow art I made about a month ago, and I had to share it with all of you.


 Here’s what you’ll need :: 

a canvas – any size, but a rectangle shape will probably be better

fabric or paint of your choice to cover canvas

arrows – I got mine here

acrylic paints of your choice – and paint brushes

water and paper towels

exacto knife

burlap string/twine/ribbon of your choice


The how to :: 

  1. Get arrows prepped – Paint your arrows in any random design you like. I wanted mine to be like brother and sister – related, but different. So I kept the same idea and color scheme, but used a different design on each. You will be including your string in the design so remember to think of where you’d like it incorporated.
  2. Get canvas prepped – While the paint dries, it’s time to get the canvas ready. Mine was an old canvas with an old design that needed covered. I chose to cover it with fabric since it would completely cover the design and do it easily. All I did was wrap the canvas like a gift with the fabric – very tightly, and staple it on the back.
  3. Attach arrows to canvas – Place your arrows where you want them on the canvas, once they’re dry. Choose 2 to 3 places on each arrow to add string and mark each spot with a small x. Make a small cut with your exacto knife on each x. Loop your string through each hole numerous times and tie together in the back to hold the arrows to the canvas.


That’s it! Now just hang your canvas! I like the idea of arrows for a baby boy (or girl, really) because it makes me think of going your own way, staying true to yourself. That’s definitely something I want to teach my boy. Peter Pan is also a small theme in the nursery and he carried a bow and arrow (among other things). What about you? Anyone else working on nursery crafts?



the one with Olivia Palermo

This was a hard month for me to come up with the celeb inspired outfit, but what resulted is one of my favorites. I would actually wear this outfit – all of it – in real life. But that’s usually what happens when you try to find a real life version of an ‘it girl’ outfit.

This month I went with Olivia Palermo for our inspiration because I just see her all the time in outfits I want to wear. Other than her wedding dress I don’t think I’ve seen her in an outfit I didn’t like. So it should have been easy, right!? But it wasn’t.

olivia palermo

off the shoulder top jeans . shoes . purse . earrings . watch . bangles



As I was putting this outfit together, i thought to myself “how does this all go together?” “I don’t think my picks work like hers”. But they do. It’s all random pieces that aren’t even in the same color scheme, but somehow it works. Somehow even that random pink purse all fits together to make this light, springy/summery, floral outfit. Somehow it all comes together into a simple outfit you can wear shopping, brunch, date night . . . the list goes on. And that sorts of what these ‘it’ girls do isn’t it? Just put on whatever they want every morning, and it looks great. Then we all copy it.


the one with maternity underwear









shorts . top . wedges . belt . purse . similar sunglasses . all jewelry via . undies

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I sure did! It was relaxing and quiet. The perfect weekends. Be sure to check out my snapchat (@stark.bex) and my instagram (@butchersniche) for lots of glimpses of the beach.

This was the outfit I wore around for errands, and a date night a few weeks ago. Since then it’s probably become my favorite pregnancy outfit so far. The short and linen top keep it cool enough for those hot days while the top also adds some style and details.

But let’s talk about something more important – underwear. Specifically maternity underwear. I knew there were underwear made specifically for pregnant women, but I often wondered why you wouldn’t just wear your regular ones. Yes, I know some women gain weight in their hips, but what about the rest of us. Well, I’m here to tell you that you may not grow to need them, but they do make everything else that happens down there a bit more doable.

Comfortable underwear that’s completely covered is one less thing you have to worry about. However, I wanted some that were cute and didn’t leave panty lines. I found them, and I linked them above! If you’re pregnant be sure to check them out.

Life update!

This month should have been boring for me. That was the plan at least. To just sit back and relax after a busy, busy May especially the end. July started our 3rd trimester and the last 8 weeks of getting things done before the baby (the goal is to be done at the beginning of September so those weeks can be spent for things I didn’t know about or forgot about or maybe he’ll come a little early #runonsentence). But this month was anything but boring! It was super busy . . .

  1. I’ve mentioned it on here before, and it was on Instagram. But if you missed it we got a new car! I’ve finally gotten a Honda which I always wanted. I’ve finally gotten an SUV which I’ve wanted since I grew old enough to make rational decisions. The car seat fits! The stroller fits! Yay!  File_000
  2. Last year on the 4th we did nothing so this year it was important to me to do something! We had a chill day with some good food and fireworks and it was perfect! baby boy either loved or hated the fireworks – the kicks while we watched were fierce. fireworks_7-4-2012_vero_beach-0706
  3. the nursery is almost complete! Just need to organize what’s behind those drawers and get a rocker! File_001 (1)
  4. next week I’m going to share another craft I did for his room, and it’s my favorite art piece I’ve made in a long time, maybe forever. Here’s a sneak peak File_000 (1)
  5. I got a new kitchen rug at target, and I’m in love. I did dishes at least once this week just so I could look down and stare at it. Plus, black and white just makes the house seem classier. File_001

How was your June? How has July started? How is life in general? I’d love to hear ,tell me all about it!

the one with 28 weeks


How far along? 28 weeks

Maternity clothes?
 I just really love maternity clothes. I will be wearing my maternity leggings when not pregnant, and the elastic waist shorts.

I’ve been using my snoozle to be sure my back and tummy are fully supported, but my body isn’t used to be that restricted from movement so I wake up a lot. It’s better than moving onto my belly, or an arm (which was happening more than I’d care to admit). 

Best moment:
Jack really liked all the booms from the fireworks – or maybe he didn’t. But you could see him having a little dance party in my belly while I watched.

Miss Anything?
No, but seriously, who’s bringing me a coke, some spicy tuna, and now n laters to the hospital. 

  He either moves a lot when he sleeps, or we got lucky with a little dude who already has night and day figured out (fully aware that’s not something to expect). He moves all the time while I work away and then stops after I take a hot shower after dinner.

Food cravings:
I’m really disappointed in myself because I have no weird or ravenous cravings still. 

Anything making you queasy or sick:
 not the past couple weeks.


 all things having to do with my boobs have really started to pick up the past couple weeks. 

Belly Button in or out?
 still in, and i’m starting to think it’s not gonna pop.

Wedding rings on or off?
on! but my ankles are swelling on busy days.

Happy or Moody most of the time:
happy! like crazy, I cry I’m so happy, happy. 

Looking forward to?
Baby classes started yesterday! I’m excited to see how things progress and get a birth plan in place. 

the one with aloe vera

About three months ago, I listed some of the natural ways I had researched to prevent and heal pregnancy acne. You can find that post here. Since then I’ve tried 1 of those ways, and I wanted to share my results! When I searched for pregnancy acne, I couldn’t find much that helped. My goal here is to help future pregnant ladies find a way that might work for them. Having acne doesn’t mean a thing for our beauty, but it’s still frustrating, right ladies?! Dealing with it during pregnancy, is just one more thing we shouldn’t have to deal with.

The first way I tried was a honey and cinnamon exfoliater, which I love and am still using. The 2nd way was a lemon juice toner, which I also love and am still using. So with 2 out of 3 going well, I decided to try the final one – aloe vera.


I love a mixture of aloe vera and vinegar when I get a sunburn. The redness, dryness, and pain all goes away. Some of the acne spots were painful, the entire area was dry, and some of the spots were obviously scars that weren’t going away. So all signs pointed to aloe vera working. All I had to was rub natural aloe on the scarring!

Well, I’m sorry to say it didn’t work you guys. It didn’t get worse, but it didn’t get better either. This is what I used, and I’ve heard great reviews. I also tried regular old sun burn aloe vera from Walmart after 2 weeks of the other stuff. You win some, you lose some right!?

Next month, I’ll finish up this series with my pregnancy skin care routine and how the acne has cleared up from that first awful picture I showed you of my face!


5 pieces 1 outfit: 4th of July

5 pieces 1 outfit is a twice monthly series where a theme is chosen to feature 5 pieces that bring together 1 perfect outfit. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, or pieces to create a fashionable look. This weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year so this weeks theme is obviously the 4th of July.

4th of July is one of my favorite weekends because it brings us all together to celebrate our great country. There’s a lot going on and a lot that needs to be fixed – that’s one thing we can all agree on. I don’t mention it on the blog because this is my place to get away and enjoy life and I want you to feel the same when you visit. But we all know it’s there, and the 4th of July is the perfect time for us to all come together and celebrate the good that is here.


wrap strap sandal . bandana scarf . maxi dress . neon solitaire studs . herschel clutch

 Call me crazy, but I like to be obvious and wear red, white, and blue on the holiday’s. A red maxi just seems like the way to go this year. This one I feel like has enough wiggle room that even a preggo like me could wear it. Wiggle room in an outfit means comfort and we all want comfort, pregnant or not.