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the one with aloe vera

About three months ago, I listed some of the natural ways I had researched to prevent and heal pregnancy acne. You can find that post here. Since then I’ve tried 1 of those ways, and I wanted to share my results! When I searched for pregnancy acne, I couldn’t find much that helped. My goal here is to help future pregnant ladies find a way that might work for them. Having acne doesn’t mean a thing for our beauty, but it’s still frustrating, right ladies?! Dealing with it during pregnancy, is just one more thing we shouldn’t have to deal with.

The first way I tried was a honey and cinnamon exfoliater, which I love and am still using. The 2nd way was a lemon juice toner, which I also love and am still using. So with 2 out of 3 going well, I decided to try the final one – aloe vera.


I love a mixture of aloe vera and vinegar when I get a sunburn. The redness, dryness, and pain all goes away. Some of the acne spots were painful, the entire area was dry, and some of the spots were obviously scars that weren’t going away. So all signs pointed to aloe vera working. All I had to was rub natural aloe on the scarring!

Well, I’m sorry to say it didn’t work you guys. It didn’t get worse, but it didn’t get better either. This is what I used, and I’ve heard great reviews. I also tried regular old sun burn aloe vera from Walmart after 2 weeks of the other stuff. You win some, you lose some right!?

Next month, I’ll finish up this series with my pregnancy skin care routine and how the acne has cleared up from that first awful picture I showed you of my face!


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  • Reply Christine

    I want to try these ideas, even though I’m not pregnant! I love the idea of using more natural skincare.

    July 5, 2016 at 12:48 pm
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