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5 pieces 1 outfit: Mustard & turquoise

5 pieces 1 outfit is a twice monthly series where a theme is chosen to feature 5 pieces that bring together 1 perfect outfit. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, or pieces to create a fashionable look that anyone can create. 5 pieces is all you need to make 1 outfit killer. This week’s theme is all about the color combo mustard & turqoise.

When I first found out about my pregnancy, I decided 5 pieces 1 outfit would not feature maternity outfits – except for the real life ones. That was mostly about you non preggo’s. Maternity clothes are amazing, but not everyone gets to wear them. But a lot of it was for me as well. I get to live vicariously through this series with all the clothes I can’t wear for a few months. Since my maternity capsule features no mustard or turquoise, this is a color combo I don’t get to wear until at least November.

Lightweight and comfortable clothing is perfect to wear on these hot, hot summer days. But just two simple pieces probably seem like too little. That’s why we have accessories, guys!



mustard off shoulder top . turquoise earrings . clutch . shorts . mini wedges

the one with Blueberry Lemonade Popsicles

Since it’s hot as fire outside, I have been eating lots of cold things. Popsicles, I’ve been eating lots of Popsicles. This week, however, I decided to kick it up a notch and make some homemade blueberry lemonade popsicles. Since a lot of store bought popsicles have lots of artifical flavors I figured homemade was better.


12oz of our favorite lemonade recipe
1 cup washed blueberries
Popsicle molds – or small paper cups with wooden Popsicle sticks

How to:
1. First of all, make the lemonade with cold water. You can use a concentrate,however I like to make homemade. I make mine homemade because my grandma taught me how while I was in high school. It’s actually pretty easy, tastes much better, and reminds me of her. Take several sliced lemons, 2 sliced limes, and as much sugar as you want (at least 2 cups) and crush with a wooden spoon until mushy and all the juice is out. The add water and stir.
2. Once the lemonade is made, separate blueberries into Popsicle molds. I’ve made these a few times, and each one usually ends up with about 5 to 7 when you use a cup.
3. To conclude, fill each cup with lemonade over the blueberries. Slowly and carefully put the wooden stick in.
4. Freeze for 5-6 hours or overnight
5. Enjoy!

the one with my pregnancy beauty routine

Four months ago, I listed some of the natural ways I had researched to prevent and heal pregnancy acne. You can find that post here. Since then I’ve tried all of those ways, and I wanted to share my results! So today we have my full pregnancy beauty routine! When I searched for pregnancy acne, I couldn’t find much that helped. My goal here is to help future pregnant ladies find a way that might work for them. Having acne doesn’t mean a thing for our beauty, but it’s still frustrating, right ladies?! Dealing with it during pregnancy, is just one more thing we shouldn’t have to deal with.

The first way I tried was a honey and cinnamon exfoliater, which I love and am still using. The 2nd way was a lemon juice toner, which I also love and am still using. So with 2 out of 3 going well, I decided to try the final one – aloe vera. I didn’t keep up with the aloe vera. It didn’t make it worse, but it didn’t make it better. I didn’t want to completely change my routine –  just add some natural products that would help with the major hormonal acne I had in the first trimester. Here’s my current pregnancy beauty routine!

beginning and after 1 month
beginning and after 1 month

In the morning:

I wet my face with cold water, apply lemon juice toner on acne, and gently tap in eye cream. Foundation is an important step as it protects your face during the day. So even when I don’t wear makeup I apply a tinted moisturizer before I brush my teeth. Brushing your teeth is also important because your teeth and gums become more sensitive during pregnancy.

In the evening:

I use a cleanser or wipe/makeup remover before applying the lemon juice toner again, if I have a bad breakout I do go ahead and use an acne treatment cream. Those aren’t recommend during pregnancy because of salicylic acid, but my doctor says it’s ok since it’s something I used regularly before pregnancy ( I still only use it RARELY). Then I gently tap in my eye cream and moisturizer before I floss, brush my teeth, and rinse with an alcohol free Listerine (in that order per my dentist). I also apply a belly butter, lotion on my legs (dry skin is major during pregnancy), and take my pre natal vitamin before bed.

File_000 (1)

Bi-weekly, I use the honey and cinnamon exfoliator and once a week I still use my favorite tea tree oil mask. Here’s a picture of that side of my face from this weekend (no filter, no makeup – just leftover stubborn mascara). There are a few red spots from scarring – don’t pick your face! But mostly it’s all clear 🙂 That makes for one happy pregnant lady!


the one with second trimester favorites

Now that I’m well into the 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy I decided to look back through all the outfits from April through June (well end of April through beginning of July), and share my second trimester favorites. You can find the first trimester favorites, and some tips for dressing your expanding belly here.

outfit details

outfit details

outfit details

outfit details

outfit details

I really found my footing and energy in the second trimester. The outfits and the posts were all just better. I felt better as well which is great – my husband says it’s most important, but he doesn’t have a blog. Here’s some tips that helped me with the second trimester . .

1. Buy all the maternity clothes. I’ve seen and heard from many other women say to just buy a size up, and yes that does work. However, if you push it with those clothes you’ll stretch them out anyway. So why not spend that money on clothes that are made to shape and show off that belly!? You need to embrace the belly because it ain’t going anywhere.

2. Skinny belts are your new best friend. At the beginning of the second trimester, it’ll help define the belly when it’s barely visible. Near the end it’ll help define the belly in the not form fitting clothes.

3. If you buy maternity clothes that don’t have the elastic on the side to help them expand, buy a size bigger than you currently need. That way you can wear it until the end of your pregnancy. I did that on many things, and I still have plenty of room to grow in those pieces. The first top is an example so you can see I don’t swim in it. If I would have bought that top in my regular maternity size (M) it would be getting tight at this point, and since there’s no stretch would not have made it to the end of September.

4. Don’t buy shoes that you can’t get on easily. I’d also add don’t spend a lot on shoes when you do buy them. Yes, your feet might swell, but mostly it just sucks to bend over. Sliding shoes on is the only way to go. My feet have honestly not changed much, but I’ve heard they can change quite a bit and grow during pregnancy. So these shoes you’re buying may not fit when you’re all said and done.

5. Buy really good maternity/nursing basics. Bras, undies, nursing cami’s. You’ll be wearing these for awhile so buy them up and buy quality pieces.

the one with 30 weeks


30 weeks! How did this happen? I still remember every detail of running in the door to take a pregnancy test and tell Scott I was pregnant. We’ll have a baby in 10 more weeks or less. And I know from the past 30 that they will go so fast.
How far along? 30 weeks

Maternity clothes? I’ve been living in maternity dresses since it’s so hot outside.

Sleep: I go back and forth with the snoozle. Sometimes I need it sometimes I don’t. sometimes I use it and sleep terribly. sometimes I use it and sleep wonderfully. Sleep and I go back and forth.

Best moment: we started taking our classes and they’re wonderful! I love spending this time with Scott. and passing my glucose test.
Miss Anything?: I still miss sushi of course. But I’d also like to add bending over without cutting of my blood supply.

Movement: I read in my baby bump app that around this time they sleep in 20-30 minute intervals. He moves about every 30 minutes for 10 minutes or so and then breaks.
Food cravings: watermelon and corn on the cob.

Anything making you queasy or sick: the glucose drink wasn’t fun.
Gender: boy!

Symptoms:  braxton hicks contractions make an appearance about once a week.

Belly Button in or out? it had started to shallow out, but it’s plateaued the past month or so.

Wedding rings on or off? on! even in 100 degree weather there’s no swelling.

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy! like crazy, I cry I’m so happy, happy.

Looking forward to? finish up our baby classes, scott finishing a big test at work, and coasting into the final 2 months!

the one with water bottles

This may seem like a weird post. Why and how can/would water bottles be a good accessory? Hear me out . . .

We all know how much water we should have every day, and we all know why it’s important. But I bet most of us don’t get as much as we should. If you’re anything like I was 8 months ago, you probably think the doctors tell you to get more than you really need. Being pregnant proved all my thoughts wrong especially being pregnant in July in Florida.

I can’t tell you how many days that I drank as much water as I used to only to feel dehydrated, which led to headaches and nauseous, which lead to exhaustion – all on top of what I already felt from growing a human. Then 100 degree temps came . . . and we all know how much worse it got. But the days I drink 64-100 ounces of water, I feel great. I feel better and healthier than I ever have before. My feet and hands have only swollen twice the entire pregnancy, and I’ve only gained 13 pounds. That’s not to brag; I say it because I know it’s because of the water. I can only imagine how much better I’ll feel when I keep this up after that human has made his grand entrance.

Not everyday is perfect. If everyday were perfect then I wouldn’t know that the 100 degree days make it worse – those didn’t come until the end of my 2nd trimester. Just two days ago on Sunday, I had a coke zero before church and then went to church without my water bottle. We’d only be gone an hour so I’d be fine right?! It was 100 degrees outside, I had on black leggings, it was hot in the church building . . . I made it to the last song and then we had to leave before it finished I felt so bad. Most days I get my 64 in, and fancy water bottles that make me want to show them off is how I do it.

water bottles

kate spade glass water bottle – sometimes you just need plain water and a fancy water bottle to encourage you to drink it.

work it out water bottle– if you’re having an active day, one that makes it easier to drink is perfect.

bloom tumbler – straws make everything better in my opinion.

fruit infused bottle – if you need something that has flavor this is your go to.

camelbak 1L bottle – i really like the big ones like this because they break it down. 2 of these a day and you’re good.

the one with wedding attire








dress c/0 . non maternity dress . necklace via . lipcolor . heels . similar clutch

Guys, a few weeks ago, one of my friends asked me to be their wing man at a wedding. How a married, obviously pregnant woman would work as a wing man I haven’t figured out yet. I also wasn’t able to go, but it did make me realize . . . what in the world would I wear to a wedding during this pregnancy? So I rummaged my closet and came up wit some wedding attire. And I love it! The key is a comfortable dress. All that dancing, all that eating, all that hugging- you’ll need a comfortable dress. So use those accessories to dress it up.

This necklace from rocksbox was the perfect choice, and my faux snakeskin Michael Kors add just the right amount of sophistication. I’m sure if I really wore those to a wedding – pregnant or not – I’d regret it. But being pregnant and at a wedding is the perfect reason to dance barefoot in public. I find lots of other reasons to dance barefoot, so being pregnant is probably the most rational.

Today is my mama’s birthday! I have to take a second to give her a quick shout out because she’s the best mama. I can’t wait to make her a grandma again for the 10th time!


5 pieces 1 outfit: lime maxi skirt






similar skirt . tank . belt . shoes . earrings

 5 pieces 1 outfit is a twice monthly series where a theme is chosen to feature 5 pieces that bring together 1 perfect outfit. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, or pieces to create a fashionable look. This week I picked one of my favorite pre-maternity skirts and made it a skirt that works with the belly. This lime maxi skirt from old navy was the perfect fitting maxi skirt. It was sometimes a little too big or a little too long, but that’s the way I like them to fit. And luckily it worked perfectly to wear as an empire waist skirt while pregnant. I probably won’t be able to wear it the whole pregnancy – so I don’t stretch it out – but I’ve come to realize that’s the way most things are around here.

I pieced the skirt with a basic tank, simple flats, statement earrings, and a skinny belt to separate the whole thing. This makes for the perfect, simple outfit that can be worn to several different activities (so much room for activities!)! Church, date night, errands, brunch, dinner with friends – this outfit is perfect for all of them.