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the one with a gift card booklet

First of all, and very important . . . if your name is Emma, you know me personally, and you are graduating from high school this year STOP READING! No seriously, stop reading. I’ll tell you all about it later.

And now . . . I can’t believe that I have another nephew graduating from high school. If they could all just stop aging that’d be fine by me. But another will graduate in just a few days along with his darling girlfriend. He’s a boy so he just gets a boring check or maybe a gift card I haven’t decided yet. But his girlfriend gets something a little more special. So I made her a gift card booklet! Here’s the how to . . .



2 pieces of scrapbook/construction/card stock paper



embellishments for front

to do::

Fold first piece of paper in half and glue all sides together

take half sheet and fold in thirds – make sure all edges are crisply folded

cut second sheet into 3 or 4 (3″ x8″) sheets

fold the bottom 3 inches of each sheet up  to make a pocket. glue it on the inside ‘sides’ of the card.



glue the corners of the pocket together – so that’ll it hold the gift card – and repeat until finished. be sure to only glue pockets to the inside ‘sides so the outside resembles a card.

Once all your pockets are glued on and ready for their gift cards, decorate the front with any embellishments you want and add the gift cards to their pockets!


All done! What’s your go to graduation gift?

the one with zika










jacket . shorts . maternity shorts (what I have on) . exact tank . sunglasses . sandals c/o . jewelry via

From the blog title, you probably think this is going to be an informative post. Especially if you know I live in Florida, which is a red state in regards to Zika (we’re purple when it comes to politics?). Zika fever is a mild febrile illness caused by a mosquito-borne virus similar to those that cause West Nile virus. The illness is typical resolved within a week, and here in Florida our doctors are saying to just be extra cautious – wear long pants at night, bug spray, stay away from large puddles, etc. For pregnant women it can be extra worrisome because it’s been found to cause microcephaly, genetical abnormalities, and other infections harmful for the baby. I have checked with my doctor, no need to worry, just be extra extra cautious. But some friends in Indiana are being told to not vacation in Florida because of it. So EVERYONE is freaking out for me. My mother in law who I love so much (no seriously I do) decided I should wear a bee keepers uniform helmet included while outside. My husband is not as concerned, but he did insist I not buy anymore maternity shorts and that I buy a jacket to wear at night. Well, that I can get behind. So I used it as an excuse to finally buy the perfect olive military jacket. I love the linen fabric! It’s so easy to wear and my one concern with all this zika concern – is that i’ll get hot. But not with this jacket!

5 things about life in May


1. My favorite outfit in a very long time was on the blog Monday. This top is so comfortable, versatile, and cute! So glad I bought it a size too big so it’ll fit throughout my pregnancy. #maternityleggingsfalyfe

2. My husband and I have been on the lookout for a place that serves good nachos in our little beach town. In Indy we had a great place . . . a couple great places, but one sticks out. It was and probably still is my very favorite thing to eat ever. I would eat it as my last meal. Well, we finally found a place comparable and they sell cokes from Mexico with that real sugar, guys! Thank you Taco Mobil.


3. It still gets me that I live here and can take pictures like this whenever I want to. It’s all thanks to my husband, and baby daddy (they are the same person). I love him so much guys.

4. That husband of mine is a big Indy car (not nascar, very important) fan, and so are all of his friends. So with one of them getting married in June . . . guess when the bachelor party is. You probably don’t know . . . if you do high five from this Hoosier girl. The bachelor party is at the end of the month during the Indy 500 aka the greatest spectacle in racing aka the only reason people even know what Indiana is other than corn. For me this means . . . I GET TO SEE MY FAMIY AMD MY BESTIES SOON!!! I can’t let him go home at such an important time without me! Plus they all need to see the baby bump.


5. I once said a life update is not a real life update without a Leo update, but we are not real friends unfortunately. And his imdb page says he’s not doing anything right now except another documentary about how we shouldn’t use paper plates and only eat cage free eggs. So here’s a picture from the 90’s to tide us (just me?) over.

the one about 20 weeks



How far along? 20 weeks – halfway!!!!!!
Maternity clothes? I have discovered maternity leggings. WHY ARE ALL LEGGINGS NOT LIKE MATERNITY LEGGINGS!?
Sleep: Sleep and I were such good friends. Then BOOM 19 weeks came and sleep left. We do have a pattern and my type A self can at least appreciate that. One night we’ll sleep from 10:30-1 then Scott comes to bed and I’m awake. I basically just toss and turn, doze here or there and use the bathroom 2 or 3 times until I finally get up at 6:30. The next night I’m so tired I zonk out at 9 and don’t wake up until I go to the bathroom at 5. And then we repeat.

Best moment: laying in bed on May 1st and feeling that first movement that I knew for sure was him. Then our anatomy scan/ultrasound Tuesday! 

Miss Anything? a margarita would have been nice on cinco de mayo . . . and some spicy tuna. Somebody just go ahead and plan on getting me some spicy tuna from Izziban here in Vero the day I give birth.
Movement: For about 4 weeks I’ve been pretty confident that I felt him, but I wasn’t positive. I feel my pulse everywhere, and my muscles twitch a lot all over. But the last few days of April we got a heart monitor and found his heartbeat right to the left of my bellybutton every time. On May 1st, I felt what I know 100% was him right in that spot. I feel him pretty consistently now.

Food cravings:  I swear I’m eating fairly healthy – I’ve only gained 8 lbs., but the only thing I really crave is spaghetti.  
Anything making you queasy or sick: raw ground beef and I are friends again, but my husband made some bacon about a week ago and it smelled so bad I had to leave the room.
Gender: boy!

Symptoms: Yes. My body reminds me every hour that it is with child in very gross ways.
Belly Button in or out? in and looks no different
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’ve always been a very emotional person so I’ve just been waiting. My husband and I even said at first – this is just so easy. I was so happy, the happiest I’ve ever been, and just so laid back about everything. Not anymore. I want to remember this story so here it goes . . . At the beginning of my pregnancy, my OB had me do an EKG and a 24 hour urine analysis. I wasn’t told why, but was assured by the nurse that this happens a lot. A few doctors have told me they think I have a “excitable heart” or that I’m chronic hypertensive. So basically I always have what’s considered high blood pressure, and that’s just my normal. I’ve also had kidney stones twice in my life, and with your organs moving around during pregnancy it’s common to have them again during that time. So I tried not to stress too much, and it worked. Until they told me there was an abnormality on my ekg and referred me to a cardiologist. I spent two weeks just freaking out basically. I bought a blood pressure cuff to track it myself on a daily basis – turns out I just get really excited/nervous when I go to the doctor and it goes up. I’m not hypertensive. That’s when I bought the fetal heart monitor to check on him myself. I had so much anxiety about it, but at the time that’s all I was worried about – I was still pretty laid back about everything. Then the week of the appointment (last week) it was like a roller coaster. I felt so insecure about EVERYTHING. I cried at the drop of a hat. My husband picked my phone up for me when I didn’t even want it, and I cried. Leo tweeted about elephants and I cried. Princess Charlotte’s pictures were released and I cried. What did the cardiologist say? Everything was perfectly fine. His exact words were “This was a vast over exception to have you come be checked, I’m sure the doctor was just covering all his bases” I finally saw the EKG at that appointment and it said mild abnormality/normal exemption.

So I’m pretty moody all the time to answer your question.
Looking forward to? feeling him move more! And going home to Indiana in a couple weeks!

the one with maternity leggings










old navy chiffon hemmed top . similar non maternity top . gap leggings . sandals (last year) similar here . sunglasses . belt .  purchase here earrings (sold out) c/o

I have never been a big fan of leggings. I just couldn’t ever find a good pair that really fit and felt as comfortable as everyone kept saying they were. If they fit, they were see through. If they weren’t see through they were expensive or didn’t fit. So I just gave up, became a fan of workout/compression leggings, old navy pj or workout shorts for when I wanted to be comfortable, and jeans or a dress when I wanted to dress up. I think in the past 2 years I’ve owned 1 pair of leggings, and they were a gift and have fleece on the inside. I think I’ve worn them twice -and one of those times they showed here on this blog. I hated that outfit, but it gets a lot of page views still. I’m so confused by it – I’m not linking to it I hate it that much. But I had to try a pair while I was pregnant. Everyone says maternity leggings are amazing, and I couldn’t ignore how easy they would be to wear with a tank/tunic and some flip flops with cute accessories or pair with a dress that has become too short because of the belly. I started small and bought a $5 pair at Walmart.

holy cow. I want to cuss so bad right here. they are that amazing.

So I bought another pair and I bought a nicer pair at Gap. I now live in leggings, and I don’t think I’ll ever give them up. Even when I’m not pregnant, I will rock maternity leggings.

5 pieces 1 outfit: Romper

I do not have the body type to wear a romper. The pudges and the rolls hit in just the right places that it looks terrible. However, I’m really in a mood to want to wear one. This happens occasionally – where I have no way, why, or how to wear something, but I feel this urge to buy it. So since I’m pregnant and the dreams and fantasies of wearing what I can’t sort of make sense for 4 more months I decided 5 pieces 1 outfit was the perfect time to break out a romper.

5 piecesromper

belt . romper jumpsuit . forever 21 wedges . embellished stone necklace . steve madden clutch


It looks black up there, but that’s a navy pattern. I’m really, really into navy patterns right now, and what goes so well with navy -cognac my favorite neutral. But that belt I don’t like so I’d add in this simple bow tied one to give it a little dimension and make a waste for myself. A simple bag and wedges to match the belt and BOOM perfect outfit for a summer day. The stone layered necklace is just a nice touch to kick things up a notch and remind us that even with only 5 pieces we can still accessorize perfectly!

How do you feel about rompers? Where do you get your favorite styles?

the one about diaper bags

My baby shower is fast approaching, and so research for the registry has begun. With a vast array of information on the internet, and lots of mom friends it’s actually been pretty easy. But one thing I can’t decide on is a diaper bag. I’m a bag lady. I love a good bag, and other than my madewell zipper transport you’ll almost always see me with some other stylish bag. I buy them because of their name, their color, their shape, or just because. So a diaper bag that I solely carry is a big deal in these parts. Everyone keeps telling me to just find a functional one, but that’s not my style. I like to be organized, but when it comes to bags . . . style is mostly important. I know all you moms are whispering under your breathe that I’m a crazy b*****, but I know myself. This is not a decision I will regret. However, there are tons of styles out there that are fab and have function. Here’s the ones I have my eye on . . .

navy stripe

Ju-Ju Be light – I love the navy stripes on this one. For some reason I can’t get away from navy with this boy. But I especially love the dual front straps to keep the load light on your shoulders and the antimicrobial lining that kills all the bacteria, molds, and fungi.


Skip Hop Duo Backpack – A simple back pack that mama and dad can both carry . . . it’s a win. And it’s in a great color! And it has so many pockets!

kate spade

Kate Spade Harmony Baby Bag  – But maybe I wanna go glam. A simple black is still good for a baby boy, and this has tons of pockets and a diaper changing pad.


Baby Essentials – Maybe, just maybe . . . I just want a simple black bag. That’s also only $20.

Tell me about your diaper bag!?