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the one with first trimester favorites

Now that I’m well into the 2nd trimester of my first pregnancy I decided to look back through all the outfits from February through April (well end of January through beginning of April), and share my first trimester favorites.

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pregodress2 find info here

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If you want to see what it’s like to keep up with a blog and be fiercely tired and nauseous all day start with the outfits on January 27th – the day I found out – and go until the middle of March. You can see it in my face, the quality of the outfits, and the pictures. The outfits weren’t that great. And the blog posts especially picture quality was just low. But I did get some good outfits out of those days, and some tips I’ve learned along the way.

The keys to dressing for your first trimester are easy. . .

  1. Your body isn’t expanding too much yet so you wear flowy, loose fitting clothes already in your closet – trapeze tops, empire waists, dresses,etc.
  2. google the hair tie trick and get a good belly band for the occasional pants that are too tight
  3. wear those flat shoes because your feet get bigger and they swell later on so wear the shoes you won’t be able to wear when that happens now
  4. you probably just look like you ate too much when you do show so invest in some great accessories to hide that belly -like scarves, long necklaces, or even loose belts.
  5. don’t buy new clothes unless they’re maternity that you can expand now through the 3rd trimester. it’ll be a waste and who knows what’ll happen when you’re not pregnant anymore.

Any moms out there have tips for dressing the first trimester?


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