5 things about life in May


1. My favorite outfit in a very long time was on the blog Monday. This top is so comfortable, versatile, and cute! So glad I bought it a size too big so it’ll fit throughout my pregnancy. #maternityleggingsfalyfe

2. My husband and I have been on the lookout for a place that serves good nachos in our little beach town. In Indy we had a great place . . . a couple great places, but one sticks out. It was and probably still is my very favorite thing to eat ever. I would eat it as my last meal. Well, we finally found a place comparable and they sell cokes from Mexico with that real sugar, guys! Thank you Taco Mobil.


3. It still gets me that I live here and can take pictures like this whenever I want to. It’s all thanks to my husband, and baby daddy (they are the same person). I love him so much guys.

4. That husband of mine is a big Indy car (not nascar, very important) fan, and so are all of his friends. So with one of them getting married in June . . . guess when the bachelor party is. You probably don’t know . . . if you do high five from this Hoosier girl. The bachelor party is at the end of the month during the Indy 500 aka the greatest spectacle in racing aka the only reason people even know what Indiana is other than corn. For me this means . . . I GET TO SEE MY FAMIY AMD MY BESTIES SOON!!! I can’t let him go home at such an important time without me! Plus they all need to see the baby bump.


5. I once said a life update is not a real life update without a Leo update, but we are not real friends unfortunately. And his imdb page says he’s not doing anything right now except another documentary about how we shouldn’t use paper plates and only eat cage free eggs. So here’s a picture from the 90’s to tide us (just me?) over.

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