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A few weeks ago, I finally got around to showing you, our living room in the new (but not really) Florida house. I mentioned that I’d be moving the desk in there, and I realized about 5 minutes ago I never showed you where. Well, if you look at the picture below, that’s where we left off – the perfect little living room for my family. And where I’m standing was a giant 6×6 hole right by the lead into the kitchen that was just a blank greige wall. Guess where the desk went!?


The desk was in the guest room. I had the perfect little set up half office/half guest room, and it made me get ahead in my work a little when guests did come since I wouldn’t be able to use it then. I was always much more present which I enjoyed. But with a little babe on the way it had to move. Luckily, we have guests quite often so I’m in a nice routine of doing some blog/work/food prep before they get here so I’m not scrambling. Plus, I’m sure it’ll be convenient to have my work space right next to where the baby will most of his day.


Since I use a labtop I don’t need much on my desk. Just some storage for outgoing mail, important papers to be filed, and office supplies (pens, washi tape, post its, and paper clips) is all I need. All of the storage items I got at Target a year or two ago and they work perfectly. Sometimes – like right now as I share this with the world – I think I want to get new more modern ones. Like a gold basket, or monochrome dishes . . . but these are cute and work great!


Yes I took these pictures in April – that was just last week – but I guess I Should have switched the calendar knowing this would be posted in May. Whatever, we’ll get over it. The desk itself is the perfect desk. I looked hard for a good and affordable desk when we bought our first house two years ago. IT was hard. I even made one and decided I didn’t like it. But this melltorp table from ikea is THE perfect desk and the chair was thrifted – you can find really similar brand new ones at Target and Walmart, but these have a certain used charm to them and they were hella cheap so I grabbed them all. Once the baby is here I’ll probably add a laundry line with all my favorite pictures of him – maybe a tassel garland tho. Thoughts?

Where’s your workspace? I need to be inspired when I sit down to work so I’d love to see and hear all about it!

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  • Reply Christine

    I love your workspace! It’s simple and charming.

    May 3, 2016 at 8:53 am
  • Reply Cascia Talbert

    Your work space looks beautiful! I use a little black desk that is usually cluttered with papers. Have a great week!

    May 3, 2016 at 7:00 pm
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