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Life updated April 15th

Life has been pretty boring lately, but my mom said I never tell her what’s going on in life. So here’s a quick little life update April 15th! What’s going on with you?

  1. My sister came to see my last week during my nephews spring break, and it was super glorious. Just a couple days spent at the beach, laughing with my sister, and watching her drink a couple cocktails. A little break was perfect ūüôā and I guess it was good to see my seester

2. Still very much pregnant. And I love it. Sure I’m tired a lot and there’s lots of weird symptoms, but it’s mostly the best knowing my sweet boy is growing inside me. Second trimester update¬†was up on the blog¬†yesterday ūüôā

3. Fun fact, I’ve played the piano since I was about 10ish – maybe younger I can’t remember. I’ve never played in a band or even in public for the last 10 years, but recently I’ve pulled it out again. I’m even playing in a band with some friends. It’s been a great way to keep myself motivated, creative, and my brain flowing lately ūüôā

4. Living¬†in a sleepy beach town means winter and spring break makes everything and everywhere super busy. I’m so glad it’s all over, ya’ll. I’m ready to have my sleepy beach town back and no lines at the movie theater.

5. Just gonna leave this here because what’s a life update without a Leo update. Nothing . . . it is nothing.



the one about 16 weeks


How far along? 16 weeks
Maternity clothes? Rockin’ some maternity dresses to church and lots of flowy tops, but most of my old clothes still fit. I’m trying to buy more maternity clothes this month because I don’t want to stretch the old clothes too far or look unflattering in them.
Sleep:¬†really well. probably because I’m so tired all the time. but I wake up a 530 on the dot almost every morning regardless of when I went to bed or how I feel.
Best moment: hearing his strong heartbeat at our last appointment.

Miss Anything? sushi specifically spicy tuna. I would kill for a Moscow mule right much you wanna bet I never change this answer?
Movement:¬†about once a day I feel a little butterflies wings move around, and I can tell you where he’s hanging out at. I can’t wait to feel it more.
Food cravings: spaghetti all day every day and pineapple
Anything making you queasy or sick:¬†still with the raw ground beef.¬†so the husband is making¬†all the spaghetti’s
Gender: boy!

Symptoms: my skin is still dry, and I still get much more tired but I feel great nothing super annoying.
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy most of the time!¬†I’m usually a pretty laid back person, but I¬†am type a so I can be high strung and take things too seriously. Not since I got pregnant! Things I know would irritate me before I just laugh at now. But if I feel the slightest twinge of sadness or anger the waterworks begin¬†fast and strong and with huge tears like never before.
Looking forward to? We have our big ultrasound in about 3 weeks! and I’ve officially started the nursery¬†so I can’t wait to see it come together. Also, if he could just be here that’d be cool.


the one with scrapbook tiles

I spent a little bit of time¬†last week googling ‘when does nesting start’. But then I realized . . . I don’t care. And as I told a friend this she said to me “You pack two weeks before a vacation. This is normal for you.” Yup . . . This is who I am. Let’s nest away. So I started with the fun stuff . . . purging. And gosh it was glorious, you guys.

But that’s not what you’re here to read about. You’re here for the stuff most people think is the fun stuff . . . decorating his room. His room is going to be¬†what was our office/guest room so I had a lot of furniture and wall d√©cor already in there. I’m trying to reuse as much of it as possible, but that means a lot of it has to¬†covered over and made into little boy things.¬†First up, were these canvases that I made to fill a space when we first moved here. I like them, but I never loved them. So I covered them with some leftover fabric scraps I had. And one of them I hot glued some scrapbook tiles to! Super easy . . . here’s the exact how to.


What you need
– hot glue gun and glue
– scrapbook tiles in a phrase of your choosing
– fabric scraps to fit your canvas with 4″ extra on each side
– stapler and heavy duty staples


– wrap your canvas like a present. Start on the longer sides and staple as you go – pull the fabric tight so there are no bubbles. Fold the fabric – like a present – on the shorter sides and continue pulling the fabric tight as you staple.
– once all your fabric is attached, glue your scrapbook tiles directly onto the fabric. take your time to be sure everything measures up and is straight.
– hang it on the wall!

It’s that easy!

the one with sperry’s






 . similar dress . non maternity dress . madewell bag . jewelry via . sunglasses

Seeing as though I’ll be pregnant in July, August, and September – in Florida –¬†I have a sneaking suspicion (I already know it’s gonna happen with 100% certainty) that I’ll be living in dresses. So I’m already trying to load up on stretchy, versatile styles I can wear all summer long with heels, sandles, sperry’s, whatever I feel like on that particular day. And this one from Splendid is perfect for just that – and bonus it’s a maternity dress made to grow with me. Now¬†I know there are a couple (none)¬†of you that are pregnant so I linked very similar dresses that are non maternity. I say very similar because they are made by the same people, look exactly the same, they just don’t stretch with your baby bump. Seriously this dress is the bomb . com. The fabric is to die for, the cut fits perfectly, and it can be dressed up or dressed down just depending on how you’re feeling.

Also, thanks to Shopbop¬†I finally got a pair of sperry’s. Why did I wait so long? These things are so comfortable and look good with just about anything. Seriously, I wore them the first day they arrived for 8 hours of walking through numerous flea markets, thirft shops, and even a street fair. I didn’t get the typical cuts on the back of my ankles from breaking in a pair of shoes, they didn’t feel too tight, and my feet didn’t hurt anymore than they usually would after walking for such a long period of time. Turns out quality shoes are a good purchase. who knew!?

5 pieces 1 outfit: polka dots

Every time I go to Target all I see are clothes that I can’t wear for another year or so. Maternity fashion has come a long way, but there are some trends and even some classic pieces that I just can’t rock (or the only maternity options are out of my price range). It makes me sad. I know it’s worth it and all that. I’m not that ridiculous, but I do consider myself a faux fashionista. And well, I miss my pre baby clothes. So for 5 pieces 1 outfit series . . . we’ll be sticking with non maternity clothes. And that is more for me than for my non preggo readers. Full disclosure . . . I may and probably will change my mind at some point.

polka dots

skirt . top . pumps . clutch . watch

I’ve always loved polka dots. I may love polka dots more than I love leopard print. Probably not, but maybe. For some reason, I’ve never put this skirt in my shopping cart even though it’s only $16. It’s such a large print that I’m sure I’d keep the rest of the outfit simple. A basic tank, a fun clutch, chic pumps, and just one accessory with my hair long and flowy. Just let the skirt and the polka dots do all the talking.

the one with Chocolate Cream Cheese Pastry

My husband and I prefer pies and cookies over cakes. Four years ago, this would have been a big deal to many people – WHO DOESN’T LIKE CAKE!? – but I feel like we’ve all finally come out of hiding and there are many of us who freely admit to not liking cake. It’s not even that I don’t like cake. I just prefer pies or cookies. So last weekend for his birthday I decided to make a chocolate cheese cake pie that I have in my repertoire. That pie is delicious, and I hadn’t made it for awhile so I was really looking forward to surprising him with it. I like to cheat and buy pre made pie crust, but this time around . . . I accidentally bought pastry crust. And so a new dessert was born – Chocolate Cream Cheese Pastry.



Here’s what you’ll need . . .

pre made frozen pastry crust
1 package instant chocolate pudding
4 oz cream cheese (or go ahead and do 8 oz if you really like cream cheese)
3 tablespoons sugar
cool whip and strawberries for topping (optional)


And here’s how to whip it up . . .

1. Cook your pastry crust per the package instructions
2. While it’s in the oven, add the pudding mix to 1 1/2 cups of milk.
3. Once the pudding is thick, mix cream cheese with sugar.
4. While the pastry crust cools, chop up a few strawberries.


5. Once the pastry crust is cooled, spread the cream cheese mixture on one layer of pastry crust. Place 2nd piece of pastry crust on cream cheese mixture, then spread chocolate on top of that layer. Place last piece of pastry on top of chocolate.
6. Add cool whip and strawberries to top – as much or as little as you’d like.
7. Enjoy!

the one with Kristin Cavallari

Watching Laguna Beach in high school and The Hills in college, brought many good memories for me. As dramatic and nutso as the show was, I loved it – I loved sitting around with my friends, a glass of wine, some hot box pizza, and Lauren Conrad. I was always and still am very much team Lauren against all her frenemies- however Kristin Cavallari has grown on me now that we’re out of the drama of school. And the girl has good maternity style which I need some ideas for right now.


She doesn’t look super pregnant I this picture, but it’s the best option to show her purse . . .which you still can’t see. I assure you she is pregnant in this outfit, but the only thing linked below is the more expensive option for the dress. I think white dresses on pregnant woman are just so ethereal. It just seems to fit to me more than even a bride wearing white. What are your thoughts on ethereal white dresses on us mama’s to be!? And most importantly what are your thoughts on Laguna.


$ friendly option . dress . flip flops . jean jacket . belt . bag . earrings

the one with the belly band







shorts . tee . flats . earrings via . sunglasses

¬†I’m trying really hard to have a healthy pregnancy –¬†be active, eat right, etc. My mom had 4 kids and didn’t gain more than 20¬†pounds with any of her pregnancies.¬†So my goal is to stay somewhere in that realm . . . and hopefully, that means I’ll be able to expand my wardrobe ¬†for a few more months. With the help of a hair tie, and my belly band, of course. I’m just entering my 2nd trimester, but Jack has popped out with a little baby bump already. So I need some help with some of my tighter pants already. Enter the belly band . . . it’s great walking around with my pants unbuttoned all the time you guys. Jack and I are both so comfortable. We even spent a whole day at Disney with our friends Liz and Ashley¬†– pants unbuttoned the whole time. Guys, pregnant Bex has no shame. Just because I’m trying to stretch my wardrobe doesn’t mean I’m not buying a few new things. Like my new t-shirt here. I ordered a couple sizes up so I can wear it for most of my pregnancy because it’s the TRUTH. Growing a tiny human is so exhausting.