the one about cabbage patch knees

the one about cabbage patch knees









shorts. non maternity shorts . sperry’s c/o . cardigan . tank

Sometimes I have nothing to say about an outfit, and sometimes I have lots to say . . . this is one where I have lots to say so let’s just jump right in.

1. Tank tops like this are amazing. My friend Tiffany got me this, and I love her a lot more than I already did for it. Mostly because it’s very true, I nap daily. But also because the light weight fabric, racer back, and flowly bottom just make it so comfortable and easy to wear – with almost anything. Add some cute shorts, sperry’s, and accessories and here’s my go to daily outfit lately.

2. I’m sure you’ve seen blogilates video. My top knots always turn out different, and sometimes they suck real bad. But this works for real every time you guys. It’s how I’ve done my hair here and almost everyday since. Seriously so easy, so quick, and so perfect.

3. did you know when you’re pregnant your eye sight can sometimes get worse? yup, I don’t really notice it, but yet I reach for my reading only glasses a lot more often.

4. I have cabbage patch knees, and I’ve always hated them. They’re probably my biggest insecurity. I’ve been in shape, been in terrible shape, been extremely active, been sedentary, been underweight, been overweight . . . well maybe not underweight, but I was certainly pretty skinny . . . and my knees have always looked like this. There’s never any muscle definition and always lots of cellulite. It’s one of those things that you just have to think about the things my knees do, do for me in order to not get totally bummed out. You know like keep me upright, help me walk, have cute toes attached, etc.

What’s your daily go to outfit?


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