the one with April’s wishlist

the one with April’s wishlist

I’ve told you all before, and I also know that you all secretly do the same thing – keep things in your shopping cart like you’re going to buy them. But you never do or when you finally do hit ‘complete my purchase’ it’s months later. I always like to see what is in other bloggers shopping carts, and so I like to share mine as well just in case I’m not the only random person who likes to be this nosy. It’s ok if I am though, just don’t tell me.


bikini top . never in my life (after I gained 20 lbs in college) did I think I would wear a bikini, but I’m sincerely thinking about it for this summer. I am pregnant after all – there is a reason behind the big belly – a reason that makes me very hot in this Florida sun already.

life is beautiful . I’m really into navy florals lately. Probably because I thought I was having a girl and got so excited about flowers in her room. But come to find out I’m having a boy. I can still put flowers in his room as long as they’re boy colors, right? Don’t worry I’m not gonna.

elephant match stick holder . if I don’t buy this for myself I’m gonna buy it for Nina.

sunnies pouch . I have a sunglasses problem. And it’s not the fact that I have about 30 pair. It’s the fact that they break a lot. This will fix that.

floral robe . navy florals again. told you. but this is for mama so it’s cool.

Tell me what’s on April’s wishlist for you?


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