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5 internet finds from April

I haven’t spent a lot of time on the internet in April because I have found that I was born to nest. It’s like my entire 30 years of life have led up to these next 4 months. I’m honestly a little worried as to what I’ll do with my life once the baby is here and our life is so organized. JUST KIDDING! I did spend enough time on the internet to find some good things.¬† Here’s my five favs…

  1. This queen bee necklace is outta my price range, but I really love it a lot. Olivia Palermo is just one of those girls that is always going to be more stylish than me no matter what I do.


2. Game of Thrones is back, and I’m so thrilled. But I need to know that Jon Snow is ok. I’ve been reading all the “clues” like this one as to what has happened to him. I have no idea. I’m not any closer.

3. I’ve recently discovered that boys clothes are super cute. I’ve known this for awhile actually, but recently was reminded of how cute they are. I can’t wait for Jack! You can find this one at macy’s.


4. Pizza saves lives. Here’s your proof . . . #carbs


5. I’ve been doing a lot of labs about pregnancy – all of them are pretty standard, but for someone who has struggled with anxiety before it just brings more along. I worry about him, about my health , if I’m still being a good wife or if I ever was, I worry if I’m going to be a good mom, what if my heart can’t take pregnancy, I’m not exercising enough, I could go on, but I’ll stop for now. These prayers are helping calm my nerves. Also, the boy moving around more is starting to help. ūüôā

the one about 18 weeks




How far along? 18 weeks
Maternity clothes? living in maternity shorts and long tank tops.
Sleep:¬†I’m still really tired a lot of the time so sleep is good, but I think he’s waking me up with his kicks. And my bladder definitely wakes me up at least once a night.
Best moment:¬†watching daddy put Jack’s crib together.

Miss Anything? I know I can eat cooked sushi, but the raw stuff is my favorite so we’ve been avoiding all together. I just really, really want some spicy tuna.
Movement: I feel more and more everyday, especially when I lay down for bed.
Food cravings: Nothing specific, but if I’m hungry I need food NOW – heartburn, headaches, hanger will all appear if I don’t eat quickly. But then I fill up my plate and eat like a quarter of it and spend the rest of the night in agony over how full I am.
Anything making you queasy or sick:¬†nothing really. raw ground beef still kind of gets me, but I cooked some up all by myself last week which I haven’t been able to do since February.
Gender: boy!

Symptoms: acne, dry skin, frequent urination, super tired … all of them, but I’m either used to it or none of them are super bad because I feel great.
Belly Button in or out? in and looks no different
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: I can feel the roller coaster of emotions everyone talks about coming – mainly because about once a week I get really ticked off at Scott for stupid reasons – like when Jersey Mike’s couldn’t get me a gift card and he didn’t have time to talk to me because he was in a meeting at work.¬†I hung up on him, cried a little,¬†threw my phone into my purse, and¬†pouted when he¬†got off 20 minutes later.¬†total adult, right here.¬†But mostly – 90% of the time – I’m happy.¬†He verified this answer.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Looking forward to? May is a big month. We have an ultrasound next week, we go home to Indiana, have our shower, I go to the dentist . . . May is gonna be so much fun!

the one with selena gomez

I was born, raised, and went to college in Indiana. May to September in Indiana is a really beautiful place to be, and so there aree lots of outdoor concerts and the occasional festival that came to town. Nothing like Coachella or Bonaroo, unless it was one of those performers on a stadium tour by themselves – but never all together. Almost every weekend for 3 years of my life, I was at an outdoor stadium seeing a band or a solo act I most likely thought was mediocre at best. But it usually wasn’t about the music. It was about the atmosphere, the friends, the $10 beer, and just being in nature. So every year for the past 5, when Coachella rolls around I get nostalgic. I thought about posting some celeb inspo from Coachella this month, but that’s not me guys. And I feel like if you’re here reading this blog, it’s probably not most of you either. Sure we still love to wear some flower crowns, matter of fact, I’ve been begging to have one made for my baby shower. And I think those of us who loved the crochet rend of the ’90’s secretly are really happy it’s making a come back via Vanessa Hudgens. But heels on grass while jumping up and down to Rihanna/Calvin Harris and praying the rumors about her and Leo aren’t true . . . well we’ve grown out of that (ok, I still have some growing to do, but he can do better guys so it’s validated).

Instead, here’s some celeb inspo from a random outfit that Selena Gomez wore recently.



romper . jacket . heels . hobo bag . sunglasses

the one about cabbage patch knees









shorts. non maternity shorts . sperry’s c/o . cardigan¬†. tank

Sometimes I have nothing to say about an outfit, and sometimes I have lots to say .¬†. . this is one where I have lots to say so let’s just jump right in.

1. Tank tops like this are amazing. My friend Tiffany got me this, and I love her a lot more than I already did for it. Mostly because it’s very true, I nap daily. But also because the light weight fabric, racer back, and flowly bottom just make it so comfortable and easy to wear – with almost anything. Add some cute shorts, sperry’s, and accessories and here’s my go to daily outfit lately.

2. I’m sure you’ve seen blogilates video. My top knots always turn out different, and sometimes they suck real bad. But this works for real every time you guys. It’s how I’ve done my hair here and almost everyday since. Seriously so easy, so quick, and so perfect.

3. did you know when you’re pregnant your eye sight can sometimes get worse? yup, I don’t really notice it, but yet I reach for my reading only glasses a lot more often.

4. I have cabbage patch knees, and I’ve always hated them. They’re probably my biggest insecurity. I’ve been in shape, been in terrible shape, been extremely active, been sedentary, been underweight, been overweight . . . well maybe not underweight, but I was certainly pretty skinny . . . and my knees have always looked like this. There’s never any muscle definition and always lots of cellulite. It’s one of those things that you just have to think about the things my knees do, do for me in order to not get totally bummed out. You know like keep me upright, help me walk, have cute toes attached, etc.

What’s your daily go to outfit?

5 pieces 1 outfit : bells and tassels

My favorite series! 5 pieces 1 perfect outfit because you don’t need a ton of different pieces or styles to make the perfect outfit. Just a few simple pieces and maybe a theme . . . or maybe not a theme. But this week I chose a theme. I’ve been really craving mod styles lately. Tassels and fringe seem to go along with all that, AND a lot of my favorite bloggers are still rocking tassel on their accessories. So it might be time for me to invest in a pair of earrings or two.

Since this week was all about mod styles – bells and tassels – I knew I had to feature this shirt I saw at h & m a few days ago. I used to have a shirt like this (like high school/college) that I purchased at Target. I LOVED it. LOVED it! I wore it all the time Both are made from a linen, cotton blend fabric so it’s light weight, but still wears and washes well. It was so tempting to pick it up and start recreating all my old favorite outfits, but then I remembered I’m pregnant. One of those ways I used to wear the shirt was with my bells – bell bottoms of course. Which brings us to the mod factor for this week!


jeans . blouse . wedges . necklace . purse

the one about pregnancy acne

One thing I always read was the if you’re pregnant with a boy the prettier you’ll be, and if you’re pregnant with a girl you’ll give your beauty to her. Of course, that’s a myth. But I read it everywhere and heard it from lots of friends. Well, if that myth is true, this here is your proof that every pregnancy is different. My face looks like a volcano has erupted all over the left side and a little bit has slid down to the right side and my chin. I’ve been doing a lot of research on natural remedies because when pregnant it’s unsafe to use products that contain retinol, alpha hydroxy acids and salicylic acid. Answers are everywhere! And some of those answers were to live with it because you’re pregnant and crap happens. Well, I compiled the legit ones for those of us that want to use natural products or those of that have to because we’re pregnant . . .


1. Lemon juice: Rich in vitamin C and known for its acidic pH, lemon juice has natural pimple-fighting properties, which makes it a popular ingredient in home skincare regimes. Squeeze half of a freshly cut lime and apply the juice on your pimples every night using a small cotton swab. If your skin is extra-sensitive, dilute the juice with a little water to reduce the burning sensation.

2. Honey: Loaded with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, honey is the safest home remedy to curtail your pregnancy-related acne. Not only does it fights germs and prevents the acne from spreading, it also soothes the skin. Make a honey face pack by mixing a teaspoon each of honey, turmeric and lime juice and apply all over the face. Rinse after 20 minutes with lukewarm water.

3. Aloe Vera: A skin elixir known for its cooling properties, aloe vera helps in reducing inflammation and prevents scars and blemishes. Take 1tsp aloe vera gel and apply it evenly on your entire face. Wash off after 15 minutes with lukewarm water.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be trying them out to see if I can’t get the volcano under control. And the first thing I’ll do is update all of you as to what’s working and what’s not.

the one with April’s wishlist

I’ve told you all before, and I also know that you all secretly do the same thing – keep things in your shopping cart like you’re going to buy them. But you never do or when you finally do hit ‘complete my purchase’ it’s months later. I always like to see what is in other bloggers shopping carts, and so I like to share mine as well just in case I’m not the only random person who likes to be this nosy. It’s ok if I am though, just don’t tell me.


bikini top¬†. never in my life (after I gained 20 lbs in¬†college) did I think I would wear a bikini, but I’m sincerely thinking about it for this summer. I am pregnant after all – there is a reason behind the big belly – a reason that makes me very hot in this Florida sun already.

life is beautiful¬†. I’m really into navy florals lately. Probably because I thought I was having a girl and got so excited about flowers in her room. But come to find out I’m having a boy. I can still put flowers in his room as long as they’re boy colors, right? Don’t worry I’m not gonna.

elephant match stick holder¬†. if I don’t buy this for myself I’m gonna buy it for Nina.

sunnies pouch¬†. I have a sunglasses problem. And it’s not the fact that I have about 30 pair. It’s the fact that they break a lot. This will fix that.

floral robe . navy florals again. told you. but this is for mama so it’s cool.

Tell me what’s on April’s wishlist for you?

the one with jack in the box










top . similar top . maternity jeans . sling backs . favorite non maternity jeans . clutch . mary kay red lipstick . necklace via

It was so super awesome to wear this outfit out on a date with my husband. I’m¬†getting my energy back,¬†I actually feel like putting makeup on most days, and¬†maternity pants are so comfortable. Plus, they don’t look too bad . . . I feel like my normal self in this outfit. Sometimes¬†wearing¬†non maternity clothes in a bigger size works well (this top), sometimes accepting that your tummy is bigger and wearing maternity pants works better (these pants).¬†I’ve said before that my husband is my photographer, and to get me to make certain faces he tells me jokes. Sometimes he knows I’ll hate them, so my face will be serious. That backfires sometimes when I end up looking annoyed or like I might shoot him. But most of the time it’s to make me have a realistic smile or smirk on my face. And it works really well, you guys. This weeks joke was as follows :

‘You know on Saturday night live when Justin Timberlake did ‘dick in the box’. Well if you were pregnant on Halloween you could dress up like jack in the box.

Not a dirty joke . . . the babies name is Jack. Even if it’s dirty, it’s still funny.