the one with spring jackets

the one with spring jackets

I’ve talked many times about my love of spring and the fashion that comes along with it. I love shorts with long sleeves, and jeans with heels and tank tops. In the morning, you always need a jacket so It’s like two outfits in one . . .  with the jacket, without the jacket. Spring jackets should never be underestimated. I like to think of them more like blazers than jackets. They add a certain style factor to your outfit – but they still have a distinct purpose. Here’s a few of my top choices for this years spring jackets.

spring jackets

utility – They’ve been in for awhile, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. So if you don’t have one pick one up finally.

  jean – The classic standby. I always recommend getting it in a darker color. Jean trends change, but dark denim is always in style.

rain – April showers bring may flowers so the main reason for the jacket is the rain. Try one in a fun color to keep it stylish.

statement – Bigger lapels were in this winter, and they might as well come on into spring. This one has a sort of cape style to it as well which makes it the ultimate statement piece.

trench – Another classic, this one for the rain.

hooded . You have to protect your hair sometimes with the changing weather and the rain. A hood is the best way obviously.

sleeveless – Why it’s called a sleeveless jacket I’ll never know. It’s a vest, right!? But I love them, and I think we should all have one for spring.

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