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the one with green after St. Patrick’s day

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exact skirt . similar skirt . tank . similar wedges . sunglasses . necklace via

Last week my husband and I went to see Superman vs Batman (not a great movie, but I’m confused why it’s getting terrible reviews online). I wore this outfit because of it’s comfort level – also because green is not limited to St. Patrick’s day around here. Scott ran in while I parked the car so we could get good seats. On my way in, some young men outside kept hollering at me to see if it was St. Patrick’s Day. I ignored them . . . I have no time or respect for cat calling. But then one of them asked me if I was too good for him . . . Too good isn’t the words I would use, but yes I have more respect for myself to acknowledge a man who isn’t observant enough to see the ring on my finger, the little baby bump I have, thinks cat calling is appropriate, or thinks green is only appropriate one day out of the year. I’ve also recently (about 14 weeks ago) lost any filter I might have had before and so I decided to tell him.

I love this skirt mostly because it was $3 on Target clearance. But also because it’s just super comfortable, and I think it might expand a little with the growing belly – here’s hoping.

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