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I love it when Spring first comes around and the mornings are a little chilly, but the afternoons are perfectly warm. You still get to wear that cute little jacket, and after 11 you get to roll the windows down and take the jacket off. Here in Florida it’s already too hot for all that, and the season where you complain about the heat has officially begun. Super excited to be pregnant during the hottest months of the year. BUT if I needed a jacket this would be the perfect one. Go pick it up, now.

My 30th birthday was Saturday. I know it’s sort of shocking that I didn’t make a big deal about it on the blog. That’s usually not my style, but I’ve been growing a child. Birthday month is no longer. I’m not disappointed about it- next birthday month I’ll be cuddling my 5 month old so I think it all works out. I’m also not trippin’ about turning 30 even though everyone keeps asking me. I feel young, I am young, my 30’s are gonna be the best decade yet! Don’t worry, I still treated myself though to a little day trip to Disney, a new hair cut, a pedicure, and lots of cake.

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